Contemporary Communications' offers preprogrammed Responsiv™ LED dimmer technology for lighting manufacturers

Nov. 15, 2016
(Cupertino, CA) - A new, patent pending LED dimmer technology offers competitive advantages to manufacturers of LED fixtures, fluorescent replacement tubes and bulbs.

Responsiv™ dimmer technology eclipses "dimmable" circuitry with a built-in dimmer, controllable from an ordinary light switch. The Responsiv™ dimmer can also respond to conventional dimmers, or to compatible digital remote controls at the power switching location. Responsiv™ dimmers sense, and act upon, commands that are communicated in the form of brief power interruptions.

All of this comes at a cost comparable to, and possibly less than, alternative dimmable circuitry.

For manual control, the device responds to "quick off" switching gestures. A brief power interruption starts a gradual dimming or brightening ramp. A second quick off gesture halts the ramp, which otherwise will continue to minimum or full brightness. The next ramp, initiated by another quick off gesture, goes in the opposite direction. When turned on after a long period of no power, the device returns to its previous state.

A Responsiv™ capable product offers several usage scenarios:
· Control the dimmer function via a standard light switch
· Preset the dimmer to a default level, automatically recalled at power on
· Use a standard dimmer to control the Responsiv dimmer
· Use a compatible digital remote to control the Responsiv dimmer, and optionally connect to a "smart home" network

Contemporary Communications will supply pre-programmed microprocessor components which, with a few additional standard components, implement the Responsiv™ technology. Manufacturers that follow suggested design guidelines should enjoy a "plug and play" experience, accelerated time to market, and enhanced product function.


Joe Doll, CEO, via Contact Form on company web site - Contemporary Communications