Epileds and HPL jointly launch Bioraytron brand of UV LED packages aimed at deep-UV sterilization markets

Nov. 25, 2016
Bioraytron is a 50% / 50% joint venture by Epileds and HPL. The epi wafers and chips of UVC LED are manufactured by Epileds, and packages and modules being exclusively sold under the brand name of Bioraytron are completed by HPL. Bioraytron UVC LED products including single component and COB with copper or aluminum nitride as the cooling substrates, with high-purified quartz optical lens, and the most effectiveness of air, surface and water sterilization wavelength in the range of 265-275nm, emit the world's highest irradiance output of greater than 25 mW/cm2 at 10mm working distance and 1.2W input power. This technology gives customers more freedom of product design and effective shorten sterilization time.

Currently, Bioraytron UVC LED packaging products have reached a sweet point at USD 1 ~ 4 / mW and even much lower in the coming years, and it is expected that UVC LED market demands rapid growth into the consumer industries, including home appliances, food processing, sanitary and kitchen wares and 3C products in 2017; the medical sterilization and medical testing equipment-related industry will be focused by 2018; and proceeding to 2019 it will be cut into the industrial and high-tech water sterilization industry.

Epileds and HPL taking the advantage of Taiwan UVC LED vertically integrated supply chain, will accelerate the global market popularity of UVC deep ultraviolet ray sterilization.


Mr. Jason Lin, Director of Sales - Bioraytron
+886-2-82628886 ext.1999