LG Innotek showcases LED components and other electronics offerings at Electronica 2016

Nov. 8, 2016
Seoul, South Korea – LG Innotek announced that it is exhibiting the latest core automotive components along with components for smart devices and LED lighting at Electronica 2016, which is being held in Munich, Germany from November 8 to 11.
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The company is expected to unveil 21 core automotive components for smart cars that is the culmination of its cutting-edge material and component technology. The company will step up its marketing activities by showcasing its advanced technologies to major global car makers. At the same time, it will also present smart sensors and eco-friendly LED lighting components.

On its booth, key exhibition themes will be presented in three different zones - Auto, Smart, and LED, where some of the company's products will be made available to visitors.

LED Zone will display an entire line-up of LED lighting that are highly optimized for various use cases, including high-efficiency, high-output LED package, DOB LED module, and ultraviolet (UV) LED.

DOB LED modules integrate LED and a power supply in one printed circuit board. Unlike many conventional lighting systems, they don't require installation of power supply devices which can be quite handy for lighting design and installation in both indoor and outdoor locations.

UV LED is a next-generation light source that can potentially replace hygiene lighting for disinfection and sanitation and industrial lighting for curing. LG Innotek's UV-C and UV-A LEDs are recognized as some of world's top products in terms of reliability and performance.

Visible light communications is a high-tech communications solution that allows for data transmission by using visible light emitted from LED. With this technology, you can implement IoT environment by using light without relying on communications modem.

Auto Zone will feature an array of key components for smart cars that constitute Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), including automotive camera modules, V2X, radar modules, etc.

Among others, LG Innotek's automotive camera module has minimized optical distortion commonly witnessed while using wide-angle cameras thanks to the company's world-class optical technology. Furthermore, it produces clearer image quality that makes it possible for drivers to take in road and traffic conditions at a glance without any blind spot around the vehicle.

V2X modules and radar modules adopted technologies required for self-driving cars. Specifically, V2X enables cars to transmit vehicle navigation information two-ways through vehicle to vehicle (V2V), vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) and vehicle to pedestrian (V2P) communications which helps prevent accidents. Radar modules measure the velocity and location of other vehicles as well as distance to other vehicles, which helps prevent car accident.

LG Innotek has maximized two-way transmission capabilities of V2X module based on its world-leading wireless communications technology that allows for the communication range of more than 1 km. And the convergence of RF chips, baseband chips and processors in one single compact module makes it possible for the device to be conveniently installed anywhere in a vehicle.

3G and 4G modules for telematics and other connectivity components including Bluetooth modules are some of the examples of the company’s cutting-edge products that enable drivers to stay connected while on the road by not only providing traffic information but also detecting accidents and sending out a distress signal in the event of emergency.

The company's main automotive components to be showcased to global customers include DC-DC converters and Electric Vehicle Communication Controller (EVCC) for electric cars, motors for braking, Electric Power Steering (EPS) motors, Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFLS) actuator, and Torque Angle Sensor (TAS). Their optimized mechanical design and light weight makes them reliable and minimizes their energy consumption, making them highly efficient.

LG Innotek also plans to satisfy customers with its world's first-ever flexible LED surface light source module for a vehicle's front and rear lamps and automobile LED package through their optimum design and performance.

Visitors may also take a look at some of high-tech components optimized for automotive including wireless chargers and thermoelectric modules.

Smart Zone will feature an array of smart sensors. Among others, some of products that include five different types of smart home sensors that can detect opening of doors, motions, carbon dioxide emission, etc.

Radars (Microwave sensors) that can detect breathing as well as human movement and Gas sensors that improve indoor air quality deserve visitors' attention.

Flexible textile pressure sensors will also be in display. It is a highly innovative product that can be rolled up like a garment and detects pressure of an entire sensor surface. Applying medical devices and automobiles, it measures and analyzes pressure to provide customized services catering to users' various health and driving conditions.

The exhibition will also demonstrate a line-up of communications modules including Zigbee and LTE, which are applied LG Innotek’s world’s top class wireless communications technology, and a variety of core components used in smart devices such as fine pattern and slim HDI for mobile.

A company official said, "LG Innotek demonstrates strategic products that are the culmination of our cutting-edge materials and component technology and will be a great opportunity for us to publicize our business and competitiveness in the global market."

LG Innotek will be available for meetings at Electronica 2016 at booth #441 at the Hall A6.


Beop-min Oh, Communication Team - LG Innotek