Thomas Research Products FSP3 surge protectors prevent damage to LED lighting

Jan. 28, 2016
Elgin, Illinois --- Thomas Research Products has introduced a lower cost version of its premium FSP3 series Surge Protectors. These devices protect LED luminaires from damaging power line disturbances. Thomas Research Products manufactures complete SSL power and control solutions for OEMs.
The FSP3-NI series includes in-line fusing to shut down the luminaire when the capabilities of the surge protector have been exceeded. This not only protects the LED luminaire, it also demonstrates that the unit needs to be replaced. These models achieve a lower price point by eliminating the LED indicator included on regular FSP3 models.

TRP's new NI models are available for both 277V and 480V circuits. The patent-pending FSP3 series is UL1449 Recognized and CE certified.

TRP's popular Surge Protectors provide an extra level protection for LED luminaires from dangerous power line transients in commercial applications. Avoid costly problems in 24/7 outdoor applications, including street lighting, big-box retail, warehouses, parking garages, and transportation facilities.

Information is available on the company's website. Availability of the FSP3-NI series surge protectors begins 1Q2016.


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