Venture Lighting Europe releases new LED components brochure that includes modules and drivers

Aug. 10, 2016
Venture Lighting Europe has produced a new OEM Components brochure which is now available to download from the company’s website

The 24-page brochure covers Venture’s full range of LED components, including the various options for VLED modules and drivers available to OEMs.

Venture has pioneered light source technology for over 30 years and continues to work closely with OEMs to provide highly efficient components to create low-energy LED products. Each of the company’s solutions is highlighted in the new brochure along with their applications, features and benefits.

Within the range of components are a number of VLED modules, available in various options. These include standard or high output linear and square modules, all of which can be selected in a range of sizes for a variety of fixture types.

The VLED modules offer a high efficacy of up to 167 lumens per watt with an integrated heat sink to ensure longevity of the LEDs, which can have life of more than 60,000 hours.

Venture also offers a range of VLED drivers including fixed output and DALI dimming which can be used independently or alongside their VLED modules for highly efficient LED solutions.

The combined VLED system will not only improve overall efficiency and light levels when compared to previous lighting, but can also offer great energy savings with long-term maintenance costs significantly reduced.

The VLED systems are suitable for a wide range of fixtures and luminaires, including high and low bay luminaires, linear non-corrosives, bulkheads, panels and linear battens, with many more bespoke solutions also available upon request.

The full range can be viewed or downloaded from the company website.


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