Xeleum launches XCO-200 lighting control system for its Rhodium ceiling troffers

Aug. 25, 2016
Installs in minutes, delivers energy savings comparable to that of much more costly and complex lighting control systems and is far less expensive.

Boynton Beach, Florida. Xeleum announced the introduction of the XCO-200 Intelligent, Networked Control System for its Rhodium Troffer and Troffer Retrofit Kit. The system employs a single sensor for the monitoring of both occupancy and daylight, together with low voltage cables for linking up to eight fixtures. The fixture’s sensor and driver have pre-installed connectors that literally allow the XCO-200 system to be installed in a plug-and-play fashion, adding no installation time to that of the fixture alone.

When fully implemented, this system can reduce energy usage by as much as 90% when compared to legacy lighting systems without lighting controls.

Mehrdad Ghalebi, President of Xeleum stated, “We developed the XCO-200 in response to customer demand for a highly reliable yet inexpensive lighting control system that is simple to install and operate while still providing the full suite of dimming, occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting capabilities found in far more expensive and complicated lighting control systems.” He added, “When combined with the Rhodium Troffer or Troffer Retrofit Kit, Xeleum’s networking and control technology delivers energy saving capability comparable to that of the most advanced of these lighting network systems, but without the complexity and high cost.”


Josh Miller - Xeleum Lighting, LLC
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