Flip Chip Opto introduces 100W and 200W UV-A flip-chip COB LEDs

Aug. 30, 2016
Fremont, CA – Flip Chip Opto releases its first-in-class ‘Ares Series’ UV-A spectrum flip chip COB LEDs, as part of the company’s standard product line up. The Ares Series features two variations of the UV-A spectrum; 375nm and 395nm, with power options of 100 watts and 200 watts. The Ares Series is structured based on patented DBR LED Flip Chips and features a unique proprietary low temperature bonding technology which boosts lighting efficiency and decreases thermal resistance between the LED chip junction and the module’s metal substrate.

The Ares Series features a 100 watt and 200 watt COB module that offers two unique variations of the UV illumination spectrums at peak wavelengths of 375±5nm and 395±5nm. The Ares 100A consumes a maximum power of 185 watts for a peak of 375nm and 167 watts for a peak of 395nm and features a thermal resistance of 0.18°C/W. The Ares 200A consumes a maximum power of 360 watts for a peak of 375nm and 327 watts for a peak of 395nm with a thermal resistance of 0.12°C/W. Both the 100 watt and 200 watt modules features a dimension of 42mm x 42mm x 3mm with a difference on the light emitting surface of 30mm and 32mm, respectively.

This first-in-class single source UV LED module will open new applications and solutions to a wide spectrum of industries in medical, sterilization, disinfection, horticulture and indoor gardening, food processing, phototherapy, security, sensors, industrial curing, and many more.


Alex Lau, Brand Manager - Flip Chip Opto
+1 800 766 6097