Superior Essex PowerWise™ Cat5e+ cable supports PoE for lighting applications

March 3, 2016
Atlanta, GA – Superior Essex announces the launch of its PowerWise CAT 5e+ cable, the best 4-pair copper cable solution for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) applications, including lighting. In PoE applications, devices such as LED lighting units are connected to communications cabling networks for their sources of power. As the Internet-of-Things (IoT) expands to include a multitude of PoE devices, enterprises are challenged with implementing cost-efficient cable solutions that can support the varying power and data requirements of their cabling network without compromising on performance. While existing CAT 6 and CAT 6A cable technology allows up to 100 W of power input, output performance is limited by temperature increases within cable bundles. Furthermore, PoE applications do not require the 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) speeds provided by CAT 6A cables, instead requiring the 1GbE speeds offered by CAT 5e cabling. PowerWise CAT 5e+ cables are specifically designed to solve these challenges by meeting the power and data requirements of high-performance PoE applications without the initial or long-term cost of CAT 6 and CAT 6A cabling.

PowerWise CAT 5e+ cables are designed with four (4) twisted pairs of 22 AWG copper wire, each of which is encased in durable fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) insulation that limits performance degradation throughout the lifespan of the cable. PowerWise cables are tested up to 75° C in bundles of 100 cables and have demonstrated 88% power efficiency, the highest performance output of any CAT 5e cable design. With its nominal 0.23” overall diameter, PowerWise cables can also be bundled in higher quantities, and offer the highest power-efficiency-to-cost ratio of any PoE cable available.

“With PoE technology becoming increasingly prevalent in home and enterprise spaces, Superior Essex understood the importance of providing a 4-pair PoE cable design that exceeded the power requirements of PoE applications without compromising the performance and lifespan of the cable,” says Amir Sekhavat, Director of Global Product Management, Premises Copper Cables, Superior Essex.

About Superior Essex
Superior Essex International LP is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cable, wire and accessory products serving the communications industry and related distribution markets for over 80 years. Product lines include Indoor and Outside Plant (OSP) copper and optical fiber data cables, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) coaxial cables and accessories, Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) closures, and fire alarm/security (FAS) cables. Superior Essex International LP is a subsidiary of Superior Essex Inc.


Will Bryan, Vice President of Marketing, Communications - Superior Essex International LP

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