BREAKING: LEDs Magazine announces 2023 BrightStar Awards honorees

May 23, 2023
For the second annual awards program, LEDs Magazine's jurors identified 50 products met the criteria for innovation, ease of use, reliability, efficiency, and performance improvements over existing LED and SSL technologies.

By LEDs Magazine staff

LEDs Magazine is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2023 BrightStar Awards, which were launched last year as a new opportunity to recognize broader innovations across LED and solid-state lighting (SSL) components, controls, and finished products for general illumination and specialty applications.

A panel of industry experts reviewed each submission, assigning it a score from zero to 5 stars. Products receiving an average score of 3.5 stars or higher were named a BrightStar Award honoree.

"Each year that we have organized an awards program has reflected the trends driving lighting innovation and more targeted uses of LED technology," LEDs' managing editor Carrie Meadows said. "From the earlier years of our past Sapphire Awards to our current BrightStar Awards, entries have illustrated that this market knows how to deliver creative solutions backed by clever engineering and strategic improvements in performance sometimes even simplifying on previous offerings in order to gain greater technology acceptance in retrofit and budget-constrained projects."

"We've heard many times over that lighting and controls customers want easier installation and integration of components and end products," LEDs' editorial director Wanda Lau. "This year's entries demonstrated a focus on delivering solutions that bring high-value features without overcomplicating implementation and operation."

On May 23, the LEDs Magazine team was at LightFair in New York to present BrightStar Awards trophies to trade show exhibitors and attending companies whose submissions were recognized as honorees. The following companies and products are recognized as 2023 BrightStar Awards honorees (in alphabetical order by company name):

  • Acuity Brands Lighting – D-Series, Models DSX0, DSX1, and DXS2
    • Acuity Brands – Gotham EVO 6-inch Downlight with CARE222 Technology
      • A-Light – Lean Recessed Luminaire
      • A-Light – Wings Luminaire
      • ams Osram – OSCONIQ C 3030 LED
      • Axis Lighting – BalancedCare MRI Series Luminaires
      • Beacon (HLI Brand of Current) – Ratio Bollard
      • Bodine – BSL10T3 Emergency LED Driver
      • Carclo Optics – Tri-Extruded Wall Grazer 61079 / Wall Washer 60180
      • Cooper Lighting Solutions – iO CoviO Graze
      • Cosmicnode – Cosmicnode Wireless Platform
      • Cyclone Lighting Inc. – Tribeca Outdoor Luminaire
      • Cree LED – Photophyll Select LEDs
      • Cree LED – XLamp Element G LEDs
      • Cree LED – XLamp Pro9 LEDs
      • Current Lighting – Hazardous Location LED Replacement Lamps
      • eldoLED – SOLOdrive 22W Small Form Factor LED Driver
      • ERP Power LLC – CTM1AC Color LED Modules
      • Evluma – RoadMax RX1
      • Fluence – SPYDR 2h Horticultural Luminaire
      • Fluence – VYNE Horticultural Luminaire
      • Fluxwerx Illumination – Lines
      • GVA Lighting, Inc. – COLOR-STREAM Technology and Product Platform
      • GVA Lighting, Inc. – HL4 HIGHLIGHTER series Generation 4 Modular LED Lighting System
      • iGuzzini – Agorà
      • iLight by Luminii – Plexineon
      • Kenall Manufacturing – CleanSlot CRS4 Luminaire
      • Kenall Manufacturing – Nonferrous luminaires
      • Keystone Technologies – Mistik RGBW Wall Washer
      • LiteTrace Inc. – Keilton BH4 Series 4-pin LLLC Network Lighting Controls
      • LTF Technology – Lite Stream D Wireless Dual Channel LED Drivers
      • Lumileds – LUXEON HL1Z LED
      • Lumileds – LUXEON Versat 3030 ST PCG LED
      • Luminis – Clermont Indoor/Outdoor Luminaire
      • Lutron Electronics Co, Inc. – Lutron Athena Wireless Node
      • MARK Architectural Lighting – SLOT 1
      • McWong International – TruBlu Bluetooth mesh Fixture Controller with Long Range Antenna
      • MetroSpec Technology – FlexRad BoardOnCoil Minnie
      • Modular International – MI 579e LED Modules
      • Nichia Corporation – NCSU434C UV-C LED
      • Nichia Corporation – NVSW719AC LED
      • Nichia Corporation – Nichia’s Clear White Color LEDs
      • nLight Controls – nLight AIR Wireless EM Solution
      • NX Lighting Controls (HLI brand of Current) – NX Dual Tech OMNI Sensor
      • Optec LED Lighting – OLPG1 Parking Garage Luminaire
      • Pharos Architectural Controls – Pharos Expert
      • PureEdge Lighting – Saber Mini
      • Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. – Samsung High Power LH502D Outdoor LED
      • Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. – Samsung IR301A Enhanced NIR LED
      • Zaniboni Indoor Well-Being – OMNI Linear Recessed System

      LEDs Magazine thanks its esteemed panel of judges, who utilized their breadth of industry experience and expertise across test & measurement, research & development, lighting and building controls, market transformation, media, consultancy, and lighting design backgrounds to evaluate the BrightStar Awards submissions and offer insights on the entries' suitability for commercial deployment and recognition.

      • Carl Bloomfield, Intertek
      • Jennifer Brons, Light and Health Research Center at Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine
      • Wendy Davis, Guidehouse
      • Jean Paul Freyssinier, Lighting Research Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
      • Ellen Helm, Trane Technologies
      • Kasey Holland, DesignLights Consortium
      • Jason Jeunnette, DesignLights Consortium
      • Erin McDannald, Lighting Environments/Environments
      • Carrie Meadows, LEDs Magazine
      • Axel Pearson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
      • Sophie O'Rourke, AECOM
      • Gretchen Schimelpfenig, Energy Resources Integration
      • Aaron Smith, Finelite

      Look for additional coverage of the honorees, including product summaries and BrightStar scores, in the June 2023 issue of LEDs Magazine.

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