Nov. 22, 2022
Our November Product Spotlight examines the application-specific features of recently released LED chips and packages.

The latest LEDs are offered in a variety of form factors, color rendering or spectral options, power densities, and luminous or application-specific efficacies to support medical and industrial tasks, horticultural applications, and architectural and general-purpose indoor and exterior illumination.


SBT-10X UV-A LED, Luminus

Gen5 die architecture in the SBT-10X-UV family delivers up to 75% higher output than previous generation surface-mount devices (SMDs) by Luminus. Equipped with a flat borosilicate cover, the 3.5-mm2 surface-mount cavity packages achieve up to 5W from a single chip to improve performance in demanding systems for ultraviolet (UV) curing, 3D printing, and maskless lithography tasks. Devices are available in 365, 385, 395, 405, and 415-nm wavelengths and can be operated at up to 4A.


XLamp CMB LEDs, Cree LED

Cree LED's CMB family has been engineered with upgraded performance capabilities as drop-in replacements for CXA, CXB, and CMA packaged LED devices and can be used with optics and holders compatible with those product lines. Light-emitting surface (LES) sizes range from 6.0 to 23 mm. The chip-on-board (COB) LEDs are offered in Fidelity (98 CRI) and Specialty (below black-body locus) color versions and multiple voltage options as well. Luminous efficacy has been increased up to 8% over prior-generation emitters used in outdoor and premium indoor lighting applications. 


Luxeon 5050 Round LED, Lumileds

A full array of Luxeon 5050 Round LEDs are available in multiple CCT options at 70, 80, and 90 CRI — now with a 14% increase in luminous efficacy (693 lm output, 178 lm/W at 4000K and 70 CRI) to serve a range of architectural lighting purposes both indoors and out. The 5050 family has undergone 17,000 hours of testing, and the LM-80 report includes extensive analysis of parameters including hydrogen sulfide testing, high-temperature operating life, and temperature cycle. Tests confirm L70 and L90 above 100,000 hours. 


NCSWE13A-V1 LED chip, Nichia

Increased flux density and a near 25% reduction in footprint (1.7 mm2 to 1.3 mm2) demonstrated by the 1W-class, direct-mountable NCSWE13A-V1 LED chip allows product developers to realize more compact downlight, tracklight, and spotlight luminaire designs with tunable white or multicolor functionality. The smaller light-emitting surface area allows more uniform color mixing.


Photophyll Select LEDs, Cree LED

Photophyll Select LEDs represent a horticulture spectrum available now on mid- and high-power XLamp XP-G3 LEDs and J Series 2835 3V G Class LEDs. The spectral output of Photophyll Select LEDs is binned into two new metrics, both of which are based on the amount of photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) in industry-standard blue (400–500 nm), green (500–600 nm), and red (600–700 nm) bands. The XLamp LEDs are ceramic surface-mount devices (SMD) with enhanced sulfur resistance; J Series emitters are available as 2835, 3030, and 5050 packages.


CFT-90-WDH White LED, Luminus

The cool-white CFT-90-WDH LED delivers 6000K CCT with 93 CRI. Low thermal resistance, lifetime greater than 50,000 hours, up to 27A operation under continuous-wave and pulse-width modulation conditions, and up to 3200-lm output enable efficient fiber illumination for medical endoscopy, industrial instrumentation, machine vision, and narrow-beam architectural or stage lighting applications.


CARRIE MEADOWS is managing editor of LEDs Magazine, with 20 years’ experience in business-to-business publishing across technology markets including solid-state technology manufacturing, fiberoptic communications, machine vision, lasers and photonics, and LEDs and lighting.

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