Product Spotlight: BrightStar Awards Honorees

July 26, 2022
LEDs Magazine reveals innovative features and scores of the 2022 BrightStar Awards honorees.

This year, LEDs Magazine was pleased to recognize 31 commercially available, LED and solid-state lighting enabling technologies and finished products for performance, reliability, energy and operational efficiency, and advances in emerging and existing applications. Products awarded between 3.5 and 5 stars by our judging panel received Honoree status and the submitting companies received a trophy to commemorate their achievement.


***3.5 Stars***

Luminis, Bellevue landscape luminaires

The austere and clean design of Bellevue columns, bollards, and wall luminaires serves multiple street to pedestrian lighting needs with high-performance optics such as aimable spotlights, sharp-cutoff quiet optics, or glare-controlled roadway solutions. All versions are available with 2700 to 4000K static white LED and true amber illumination for marine wildlife applications. Columns and bollards can be equipped with multiple heads.


ERP Power, TWM2 Tunable White LED Modules

TWM2 modules offer a wide CCT and lumen output range, with dimming capability to 1% and optional dim-to-off. Desaturated LEDs maintain a wide color gamut around the black body and the daylight locus, achieving 90+ CRI with <3 step (2 step typical) MacAdam ellipse (SDCM) across the tuning range. The Zhaga-compliant mechanical body includes onboard AC driver electronics.


Luminis, Scena exterior luminaires

Scena exterior wall and ceiling surface-mount fixtures and bollards withstand the rigors of urban and public spaces. Round and square fixtures offer 8.5- or 11-in. formats with a diffused or direct light engine. Fully diffused models feature a lightly textured glass face. A shielded light source with full cut-off does not emit any uplight for dark-sky applications.


Axis Lighting, StencilFlex

StencilFlex offers a cost-effective, line-voltage, plug-and-play delivery framework for configurable layers of light. Nomadic system technology combines Integral Modular Wiring (IMW) and a mini line-voltage driver for prewired segment extrusions that connect lighting inserts, with on-site modification capability, to maximize design flexibility.


Starco Lighting Inc., SLGL Tunable Grow Light with Add-on Boosters

The plug-and-play tunable-white SLGL, booster modules, and three-channel dimming system can increase cannabis biocomponent content and reduce cycle time by one week using far-red (730-nm) wavelengths at specific intervals. Modularity with UV-A (385 nm) and blue boosters enables additional custom light mixes. Independent dimming allows growers to manage energy usage.


PureEdge Lighting, 3D Flex Lens

The 3D Flex Lens outdoor/indoor, wet-location LED lighting system’s optical design offers various beam angles alongside salt, acid, and alkali resistance. Static white (2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 6500K) and monochromatic color options (red, green, and blue) are field cuttable between LEDs for ease of installation. The 24VDC lighting system relies upon a remote power supply.


Summa Systems, Ambient Intelligence System

Summa Systems’ AI connects every light fixture to the cloud wirelessly, with a remote dashboard and mobile app. Features include flicker-free dimming down to 1%, color accuracy <1 SDCM, and color shift over time <1 SDCM. Integration with Summa sensors, drivers, controls, and software delivers actionable presence detection, heatmapping, and automated lighting adjustments with secure, subscription-based service.


Kenall Manufacturing, EnviroPro IN9

The IP65-rated natatorium luminaire offers three robust housing materials: painted aluminum, painted type 304 stainless steel, or painted type 316 stainless steel (the latter features an industry-first 15-year mechanical warranty). All hardware materials are specified to prevent galvanic corrosion in hot, humid, caustic environments. Output ranges from 11,365 to 40,545 lm on 105 to 275W input power, with efficacy between 102 and 156 lm/W.



YASMEEN ZOOM optics are designed with no axially moving parts, enabling smaller luminaire designs that can fit into existing tracklight and downlight concepts. The optics provide precise, adjustable beam angles from 15 to 45° depending on light-emitting surface size — especially suited to retail, museum, and display lighting applications to easily accommodate changing lighting needs.


Innovations in Optics, LumiSpectra Multispectral LED Illuminator

LumiSpectra provides a solid-state lighting replacement for xenon and tungsten halogen lamp systems. Proprietary optics capture more photons for uniform, concentrated output to target. Thermal technology enables long lifetime with power output greater than 0.30 mW/(nm·mm2·sr). The illuminator offers a continuous broadband spectrum and >92 CRI with 12 individually controllable wavelengths ranging from visible to near infrared.


MetroSpec Technology, FlexRad FacetCore Spline

FacetCore Spline LED light sources provide radial light for a seamless appearance in curved light fixtures. The light source requires no extrusion or sheet metal undercarriage; it slides over a preshaped rod or tube. Light weight, a slim diameter, and up to 4,000-lm/ft, 360° illumination expand design options for freeform vertical and horizontal fixtures. Light engines can be customized upon request.


Alloy LED, AmpChamp RGB and RGBW Connectors

UL Recognized AmpChamp terminal-style tapelight connectors feature a patent-pending staggered and stacked compact design for use with tape lights as narrow as 0.4 in. High corrosion-resistance copper alloy resolves slippage and connections that loosen over time. The high amp limit enables longer runs on a single connector. Compact footprints in multiple size options simplify inventory and ease installation.


Hydrel Lighting, SAF1 and SAF28 Floodlights

The nonlinear SAF floodlight family leverages quad-chip LEDs to deliver precise color without separation. The 1400-lm, 3.6-in., IP66 rated SAF1 achieves CCTs ranging from 2700K to 7000K and amber at 591 nm. The 18,000-lm, IP68 rated SAF28 brings 12 beam distributions and static white, RGB, and RGBW options to lighting designs. An unobtrusive, compact body maintains a unified aesthetic.


***3.75 Stars***

Alloy LED, PrimaPanel Flexible LED Sheet

Modular, cuttable PrimaPanel Flexible LED Sheets provide even, hotspot-free illumination for indoor backlighting applications. Vertical, horizontal, and 45° cut lines allow installers the freedom to design beyond squares and rectangles and to mount panels with 3M adhesive tape or hardware between sections. Up to seven sheets can be daisy chained for larger-scale projects.


Glint Lighting, Hero Recessed with LightShift and PureBeam

Hero incorporates LightShift optics to aim light in any direction without tilting the luminaire, reducing space needs. PureBeam technology delivers a wide field angle for the same beam profile and uniform illumination at every beam size. Inspired by the refractive-index smoothing capability exhibited by moth eyes, ClearLight antireflective nanostructures reduce efficiency losses and minimize glare without baffles or other obstructions.


Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc., nLight Snapshot Controller

The California Title 1.81.26 compliant nLight Snapshot Controller enables bidirectional communication between DMX and nLight system components to reduce design and specification time. nLight wired controls can directly control theatrical DMX lights, and DMX wall stations or consoles can directly control nLight devices.


Lumileds, LUXEON 5050 HE LED

LUXEON 5050 HE reaches >180-lm/W efficacy at 160 mA input from 6V parts and >200 lm/W from 24V parts operating at 320 mA. The 5.0x5.0-mm package features hot-color targeting and tight color control (3- and 5-step color binning). CCTs span 2200K to 6500K in 70- and 80-CRI versions, and 2700K to 5700K in 90-CRI versions. The 5050 HE is suitable for integration into outdoor, industrial, and horticultural SSL systems.


TheraLight, TheraLight 360 Plus

The TheraLight 360 Plus system uses a patent-pending 360° irradiance design to provide photobiomodulation therapy. The full-body light pod, an FDA-registered Class I General Wellness and Class II Medical Device, uses energy from 45,000 red and near-infrared medical-grade LEDs across four independently adjustable wavelengths in pulsed or continuous wave mode. The LEDs are rated with 100,000 hours lifetime.


WAGO Corporation, 221 Inline Splicing Connector

WAGO equips its Inline Splicing Connector with spring-pressure, maintenance-free CAGE CLAMP connection technology and offers optional adapters where multiple poles are required. Universal conductor connection, a visibly secure conductor contact, and orange levers generate a tool-free wiring experience for solid, stranded, and fine-stranded conductors from 12 to 20 AWG.


Lumileds, LUXEON 7070 LED

LUXEON 7070 surface-mount packaged LEDs emit up to 2,000 lm, with L90 >100,000 hours and corrosion-resistant coating for harsh-environment applications. The high output and small form factor can reduce the number of LEDs required and cost of additional components in streetlight and industrial high-bay products. The LED can deliver more than 1500 lm with 184-lm/W efficacy at 700 mA, and can be driven as high as 1440 mA.


Lumos Controls, Intelligent Lighting Control Ecosystem

The Intelligent Lighting Control Ecosystem uses AI-based video analytics to overcome PIR-sensor detection limitations for motion sensing, and futureproof connected lighting systems for additional schedule programming, occupancy analytics, report generation, and energy savings in commercial enterprises.


***4.0 Stars***

Cree Lighting, CPY500 Series luminaire

The Dark Sky-approved CPY500 Series combines a low-profile form factor, diffused optics, and 11×11-in. edge-to-edge illuminated lens design for a 246% larger illuminated surface area than typical 7×7-in. canopy fixtures. Multiple CCT versions (5700K, 5000K, 4000K, and 3000K), lens and bezel configurations, and field-adjustable output in nine brightness levels address a range of ordinance restrictions.


Fluence, Wireless Flex Dimming

Wireless Flex Dimming leverages qualified Silvair Bluetooth mesh technology to dim luminaire light levels wirelessly using any industry-standard 0–10V dimmer or environmental controller. Growers can add fixtures, reconfigure lighting zones, and scale operations from a single room to thousands of luminaires via a commissioning app without hiring an electrician. Wireless Flex Dimming is PSA Certified Level 1 by Riscure for cybersecurity.


Lumileds, LUXEON Rubix and LUXEON 2835 Color LEDs

Direct and phosphor converted (PC) additions including Cyan, PC Red-Orange, PC Blue, PC Amber, and Lime have expanded both the LUXEON 2835 Color Line and LUXEON Rubix portfolio of packaged LEDs (shown). Objects can appear more vivid, and higher CRIs can be achieved in color-mixing and white-light applications with Cyan options. Rubix PC Amber delivers 250 lm and Lime 510 lm at 1500 mA of power.


Synapse Wireless, Energy Insights

Offered within the SimplySnap wireless lighting control platform, Energy Insights helps factory facility managers identify energy losses and develop corrective action plans. The hardware and software solution leverages a wireless mesh network created when using Synapse-controls–equipped luminaires. Energy Insights extends the ability to manage energy consumption beyond luminaires to other equipment, aiding ESG initiatives and tracking KPIs for measuring environmental impact.


Sycra Technologies Limited, IniaSensor SRD3

Available in three range variants, the wireless smart sensor uses advanced radar for motion and occupancy detection, while also monitoring and communicating environmental conditions and light intensity levels to an integrated building management system via mesh network architecture. Machine learning capability allows the sensor to distinguish objects from people, count them, and estimate their position.


Pharos Architectural Controls, Pharos Cloud

Changing content, troubleshooting, management, and preventative maintenance of lighting installations can all be done off-site with Pharos Cloud. After a quick setup, integrators can connect any Pharos controller to the internet and manage multiple sites with custom setups. The controller initiates one-way communication, sending relevant information to the cloud for granular control with low impact to multiple operations.


***4.25 Stars***

Nichia Corporation, NVSW219F 1800K 70 CRI LED

Despite global climate policy changes, HPS lamps remain in use due to resistance to white LED replacements for outdoor area lighting. The mercury-free LED matches the preferred warm HPS color point with increased CRI, from an Ra of ~5 for HPS to an Ra >70 for the 219F, while exhibiting 2.5× improved lifetime and reduced blue emission for Dark Sky compliance, compared to LED alternatives.


ams Osram, OSLON Square Batwing LED

OSLON Square Batwing LEDs replace a Lambertian primary lens and glass cover with a batwing optic delivering a wide, 140° rectangular beam distribution to eliminate hot spots and increase uniformity in greenhouse applications. The high-efficacy, 3×3-mm LEDs are available in 660-nm red, 450-nm blue, 730-nm far red, and proprietary horticulture-white versions with lifetime exceeding 102,000 hours.


Nichia Corporation, Dynasolis LED technology

Dynasolis unites two LEDs — a 490-nm enhanced PC Cyan LED and Warm White 757 H6 Series with TriGain technology — to combine visual color tuning and nonvisual stimulation/calming doses for circadian entrainment. The PC Cyan LED provides the same forward voltage as standard white LEDs, along with the same z-height for optical matching. High CRI (Ra >90) and high Equivalent Melanopic Lux meet light quality demands for WELL Building points.


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