LEDs Magazine 40 Under 40 Profile: Joe Cullumber

July 24, 2020
Brilled president Joe Cullumber's calling is to apply engineering expertise to developing application-specific SSL products.

The transition to LED sources in lighting has led to many changes and opportunities, but two stand out — the possibility of applying SSL technology into truly application-specific products and the opportunity that SSL has afforded for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Joe Cullumber has seized on both of those opportunities at Brilled Lighting. For example, one of Cullumber’s employees at Brilled had sought a better light to deploy in swine farms. Cullumber designed a puck-style light that the company believes has great potential in the agriculture space. He has further designed linear strips for horticultural lighting that also integrate a wireless mesh network and target vertical farms. That activity led Brilled to develop a complete AgTech system for CEA.

Under Cullumber’s leadership, Brilled is an engineering firm at heart that specializes in creating custom SSL technology that can solve the problem of customers.

Meanwhile, early in his career, Cullumber spent two years in Taiwan and developed relationships that enable Brilled to offer top manufacturing expertise alongside the specialized engineering and innovation.

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