LEDs Magazine 40 Under 40 Profile: Jelmer Sanders

July 24, 2020
Signify LED modules product manager Jelmer Sanders has traveled round the globe gaining product development and procurement expertise.

Jelmer Sanders got his career off to a fast start while finishing his undergraduate degree in commerce at Arnhem Business School in the Netherlands in 2009. He landed an internship at what was then Philips Lighting and moved to Shanghai for five months, assigned to developing a benchmark study on the use of solid-state lighting (SSL) luminaires in the Asia-Pacific region. He wrote a graduation thesis on that work, which led to a refresh of Philips’ product strategy in the region.

Sanders returned to the Netherlands working as a product marketer after graduation, gaining insights into the value chain and participating in the launch of many of Philips’ foundational LED-based luminaires early in the SSL revolution. During that time, he also earned an MBA at TiasNimbas Business School.

Sanders would ultimately return to Asia for four years, having gained experience in luminaire development, and took over a role in specification and procurement of packaged LEDs focusing on mid-power and chip-on-board components. That experience prepared Sanders for his current role leading development of LED modules or light engines for Signify’s OEM channel.

Some of his most recent work has been focused on Fortimo linear strips that feature what Signify calls CES (cyan enhanced static). These products are intended for daytime use and alertness while maximizing what some in the industry call MDER (melanopic daylight efficacy ratio) — or maximizing efficacy simultaneously with energy in the blue region boosted. Sanders frequently speaks at events about the module technology and the CES approach.

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