LEDs Magazine News & Insights 26 Jan 2022 – Editor’s Column

Jan. 26, 2022

Welcome to the LEDs Magazine News & Insights newsletter for Jan. 26, 2022. We have quite a mix in news and other content for you this week.

Last week’s newsletter column prompted a Friday blog after Mark Halper’s recent Li-Fi–related news developments raised the question of whether LED will become a defunct Li-Fi technology before it has begun to really gain any major market traction. Li-Fi projects seem to be more plentiful coming out of Europe and the UK, but Mark’s coverage of a Signify-enabled system in New York and California-based Kyocera SLD Laser’s demonstration at CES in early January have us wondering where the light-based communications technology will make the most impact eventually. Certainly it could be leveraged in areas where wireless connectivity resources are either limited or overburdened. I just saw another announcement from Signify cross my inbox that confirms the company has its eye on the educational and institutional environments for communications security and stability, especially since operations personnel cited those features last year regarding an installation at Holland’s World Forum The Hague. Stay tuned; I’m sure we’ll have more on this.

Turning from systems to components, we also reported on the latest LED launches coming from Lumileds. The top-tier manufacturer has released new CrispWhite-enabled chip-on-board (COB) LEDs available in 90- and 95-CRI versions with 17% greater luminous flux output and 16% greater efficacy, pushing the emitters over the 100-lm/W barrier. A new cyan addition to the 1.4×1.4-mm Rubix white and color lineup bridges the blue-green gap in high-performance, multichannel LED lighting systems, according to Lumileds.

As we have mentioned in past columns, magazine production behind the scenes doesn’t always line up quite where we are with the newsletter schedule, so I’ll tease to you that our January/February combined issue goes out this Friday. You’ll see some of that content in upcoming newsletters. Look for an insightful analysis of the packaged LED evolution that has driven the market over the past 22 years from industry veteran Bob Steele. Every level can benefit from Bob’s vast market knowledge. You’ll also find a feature on germicidal ultraviolet (GUV) concerns that is a little bit of a departure from our most recent coverage focusing on available systems and application scenarios. Vyv founder Colleen Costello seeks to bring awareness — as well as accountability — to the market for antimicrobial light products, with a dive into what manufacturers and distributors need to make clear to their end customers. Subscribers get full access to the digital issue and archives, with both full mobile-responsive and page-flip views, and you can download issues for later browsing.

You’ll find more of interest in the body of today’s newsletter. Please keep in touch about content we post or to pitch a contributed article.

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