LEDs Magazine News & Insights 8 Dec 2021 – Editor’s Column

Dec. 8, 2021

Welcome to the LEDs Magazine News & Insights newsletter for Dec. 8, 2021. As longtime readers will know, we often note the slowdown in activity around the end-of-the-year holidays within the LED and solid-state lighting (SSL) supply and design chain. Of course as we have all witnessed throughout the past 20 months or so, a supply shortage has plagued many businesses and hampered business activity. Still, projects continue to trickle in as lighting and controls companies report some of their more recent installations.

Coincidentally, both projects our Mark Halper reported in the past week feature Bluetooth-based lighting controls. First up we took a look at the historic site project of the Domus Aurea (“Golden House”) in Rome, illuminated by Erco LED luminaires. The restoration and architectural team literally went underground to not only re-light the former palace of the Roman emperor Nero but also to incorporate Bluetooth-based controls from Casambi. The team designed a scheme to dim and extinguish lights according to occupancy, as well as to mimic the lighting experience of the ancient space as closely as possible. Robust fixtures intended for outdoor use are constructed to withstand the unusual and somewhat harsh underground environment.

At the opposite end of the modern application spectrum, Mark also followed up a recent story on Wirepas controls customer Mount Kelvin with a case study on indoor positioning features at a Helsinki hotel. Valo Hotel & Work is trialing a Wirepas mesh system, provided by Mount Kelvin, to help hotel visitors locate each other using Bluetooth signals communicated between room key fobs and Wirepas-enabled drivers in the LED lights, which locate individuals on a map available on their phones. The hotel expects to use occupancy data to trigger other operations, such as room changeovers and reduced energy consumption by the lighting and climate control systems.

Moving to horticultural SSL, I mentioned in our HortiCann Light + Tech newsletter this past Monday that we have begun our analysis of the top content of 2021 with a blog sharing the top four horticulture-related articles published by LEDs Magazine, as indicated by reader statistics. Horticulture is an area that has increased in attention even during the pandemic, and there seems to be no shortage of leading-edge research to apply in controlled environment agriculture across cultivars from legalized cannabis to fresh produce.

Finally, I’ll remind you to register and attend tomorrow’s circadian lighting product development webcast with Lumileds’ Brandon Brooks and Willem Sillevis-Smitt. The organization behind the Sapphire Award-winning Luxeon SkyBlue LEDs knows a thing or two about bringing circadian-effective lighting solutions to market.

I’m keeping it shorter today. The next magazine issue production calls! You’ll find more of interest in the body of today’s newsletter. Please keep in touch about content we post or to pitch a contributed article.

- Carrie Meadows, (603) 891-9382, [email protected]