LEDs Magazine News & Insights 23 Sept 2020 – Editor’s Column

Sept. 23, 2020

Welcome to the LEDs Magazine News & Insights newsletter for Sept. 23, 2020. I speculated just after Labor Day here in the US about an uptick in activity in our solid-state lighting (SSL) sector. There is no question that such a thing is taking place. And while not all of the news is good, it’s refreshing to not have to search under rocks to find something I feel is worthwhile covering in a byline story. Indeed, I have fallen behind.

We are back this week to our main newsletter carrying significant germicidal ultraviolet (UV) content. GE Current has a new germicidal brand with a dedicated web presence under the name 365DisInFx. The prefix implies that the company will supply technologies that protect people from lurking pathogens 365 days of the year. The centerpiece is a new UV-C-band product that you will have to read about in my article. Presumably, the UV-C — and it’s not far UV-C — can safely operate in the presence of people.

Europe is in on the action as well. Companies to continents see the new interest in disinfection as having the ability to drive economic growth. I just wonder if the interest perseveres once we have a COVID-19 vaccine. But more so I just want a vaccine. Those of you who regularly read this column know I’m a sports fan, and I have been happy that American football has returned to TV. But even my wife on Sunday said that all she wanted to do was venture down to the local sports bar and follow our fantasy football teams on TV — not feeling it this season.

Back to Europe and UV, our Mark Halper reports that LightingEurope is pushing the European Commission to make commercial building renovation a key part of the EC Green Deal. Part of the initiative would be installation of germicidal UV-C technology. The presumed driving force is healthier workspaces, but it’s clearly opportunity for SSL companies behind the lobbying.

We’ve also had a major move in executive leadership in the LED industry. Matt Roney will take over as Lumileds CEO next week. That move will likely push Lumileds to an even greater focus on the automotive sector for LED usage.

We are just a week away from our first virtual conference presented by the magazine. The “Renaissance of light quality: SSL industry swaps focus from efficiency to architecture” event will offer some outstanding sessions next Tuesday and Wednesday. You do have to register for each session you want to attend, and we will have limits on attendees so get your registration set.

I’d especially recommend that you make plans to attend the Keynote and Closing Plenary sessions. Teal Brogden of design firm HLB Lighting has been the inspiration behind some iconic SSL projects and will deliver the keynote. And the Closing Plenary will look at how the IoT and technology might yet transform the industry development, supply, and design chain. That Plenary will be in panel form with Michael Kershner of Innovative Lighting Consultants leading. The panelists are fantastic, including Chuck Swoboda, former CEO of Cree; well-known Los Angeles-based designer Chip Israel; and Acuity senior vice president Sero Cardamone.

You will find many more stories of interest in the body of today’s newsletter. And always feel free to contact me to discuss content we post or to pitch a contributed article.

- Maury Wright, (858) 748-6785, [email protected]