Ants Electronics releases eco-friendly grow light for LED horticultural lighting applications

March 10, 2016
LED T8 Integrated Grow Light series
Item No.:AT-T8IGR120-20W
Input Voltage: AC 90 to 265V
Wattage: 20w Lumen: 1710lm
Size: 34 X 1200
Red Wavelength: 620~630nm
Blue Wavelength: 450~460nm
Operating Conditions: -20° to +45°
Warranty: 3 years

LED T8 horticultural lighting adapts red and blue light, different rate of red and blue light have different effect to plants.

Typically, red light promote plant's blossoming and mature, blue light promote plant's leaf growth.

After testing, we found that: red:blue=5:1 suits for leafy plants and vegetables; red:blue=8:1 suits for tomatos very well; red:blue=4:1 suits for fruits; blue:white=1:1 suits for water creatures.

And you can define the rate according to your actual need.

About LED grow light
LED grow light is a new supplementary light for plant’s growth. After test, the wavelength of LED grow light is very suitable for plant’s growing, blossoming, fruiting.

LED grow light adapts the international leading semiconductor lighting theory. It is a sophisticated technology product, which especially for the growth of flowers, fruits and vegetables.

LED horticultural lighting can supplement the light scientifically . It applies to all stages of plant’s growth, and it can make the plant’s leaves bigger, growing well, enhance the resistance and immunity, promote plant precocity, yield, improve fruit quality. Besides, it can restrain the bacteria and inhibit ovum’s growth and reproduction and reduce the amount of pesticide. It can also reduce pollution of the environment and crops, which comply with the "green" trend.

About Ants Electronics Limited
Ants Electronics Limited, founded in 2008, is one of the earliest LED driver factories in China, with 7 years experience in LED driver and development, manufacture and sales of LED application products, Now we have two large production lines: One is the LED lighting applications, including LED Corn light, LED Tube light, LED Panel light,LED flood light, LED Bulb light, LED Street Light, LED Spot light, LED down light and so on, all of which are widely used for city lighting decoration, indoor home decoration, hotel decoration, stage lighting, signal lamp, road lighting and so on. The other is the LED driver including constant voltage and constant current, all of which are widely used for indoor and outdoor LED lights.


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