LEDs Magazine - Twin Creeks Village plaza with retrofit LED lighting from Cree

Feb. 22, 2016
One of the advantages of LED-based solid-state lighting is precise beam control, an important attribute in area-lighting applications such as a recent project completed by US Energy Management in Allen, TX. The Twin Creeks Village shopping plaza underwent a solid-state lighting retrofit of its parking lot that has resulted in significant energy savings and is delivering much-better-quality lighting. The prior high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting was replaced by Edge High Output (HO) LED luminaires from Cree. Plano, TX-based US Energy Management and Cree worked in a close partnership on the Twin Creeks project. US Energy Management is essentially an energy services company (ESCO) focused solely on energy-efficient lighting. The property owners had asked US Energy to propose a one-for-one retrofit of the existing HPS lighting. That prior lighting design had two 1000W fixtures on each pole at a mounting height of 40 ft. The HPS lighting had delivered an average of 3.9 fc at the parking lot surface. But the owners weren’t happy with the lack of uniformity that is apparent in the "before" depiction of the prior HPS installation in this video captured by a drone. The HPS lighting yielded bright spots under poles and much lower light levels between poles. The "after" footage depicts the much more uniform LED lighting.