Tom Hauskin

Opto Insider is the more-or-less weekly blog of market analyst Tom Hausken of Strategies Unlmited. In the blog, he provides comments on trends in laser and photonics markets and the context in which they operate. The blog ranges from exerpts of findings from recent market reports to thoughts on market segments not currently covered in a report. One week he may report on how the customers in a sector are faring financially, and the next he may compare the optoelectronics market to the wine industry. Strategies Unlimited has the advantage of having covered photonics for over 20 years, and it has records of the market dating back over 40 years.

Dr. Hausken has over 25 years in the semiconductor and optoelectronics industries, spanning device and materials research, product development, laboratory management, and technology and market analysis. Joining the Strategies Unlimited staff in 1999, he specializes in studies in optical and electronic components, including active and passive components for optical networks, and image sensors.