Karl S. Jónsson

Independent IoT, Lighting & Energy Consultant

Mr. Jonsson began his career in the Entertainment Lighting industry in Reykjavik, Iceland 1994. In 2004 he pivoted into the consumer industry becoming a software developer at Copenhagen based, KiSS Technologies, continuing at Cisco Systems consumer business group in 2005 when he relocated to California. In 2009 he became a founding member of GreenWave Systems in California where he pioneered the world’s first IP based lighting solution and helped growing the company from 4 to 250 employees. In 2014 he joined Austrian based Tridonic to spearhead net4more™, a visionary IoT solution based on IP and gateway free communications with frictionless integration platform for services and monetisation. Karl started and ran Tridonic’s IoT incubator in California until early 2019 when the incubator got integrated to HQ in Europe. Karl co-founded the IoT Ready alliance under Tridonic and has had strong influence on major standards bodies in the industry including TCLA, ZigBee, Z-Wave, DLNA, IPSO, Fairhair and Thread Alliance. He holds a M.Sc. in Information Technology and B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering. He holds over 70 patents in his name.