Color Kinetics appoints Future Electronics as distributor

Dec. 14, 2004
Future Electronics is to distribute Color Kinetics' product line of Digital Light Engines in North America
Future Electronics, a global distributor of electronic components, is to distribute Color Kinetics' Digital Light Engines (DLEs), including controllers and power/data supplies, via its North American distribution network.

Color Kinetics' DLEs are integrated OEM assemblies based on the company's Chromacore® technology and designed to be easily integrated with existing fixtures or to enable new fixture designs. The LED-based lighting modules come in various shapes and sizes, including three newly released versions that further expand the range of possible applications.

DLEs are compatible with many control options, including Color Kinetics' broad line of power, control, and authoring technologies as well as standard DMX control and authoring systems. Color Kinetics also provides reference materials and integration guidelines covering thermal, power, optics, regulatory, and other technical considerations - facilitating the development of complete illumination systems based on DLEs.

Future Electronics will extend Color Kinetics' DLEs and system infrastructure to manufacturers seeking to enter or enhance their position in the market for intelligent solid-state lighting systems. Future Electronics will also provide the technical support and services that accompany the DLE offering to facilitate successful technology integration and speed their customers' time to market.

"This agreement reflects Color Kinetics' commitment to fostering industry adoption of intelligent solid-state lighting, and to opening our proven technology to partners across diverse market segments," said Bill Sims, president and COO of Color Kinetics. "The DLE product line represents years of technology development and expertise, and offers an integrated solution that spans LED technology, power and control products, support and services. Future Electronics is an ideal partner to help extend this comprehensive offering throughout North America."

"We're extremely pleased to offer Color Kinetics' market-proven infrastructure for solid-state lighting systems, including advanced LED control technology, authoring and power options," said Jamie Singerman, corporate VP, Future Electronics. "We believe Color Kinetics' DLE program is unique in its complete system approach - supplementing the hardware component with the technical expertise, accessories and support required to develop high-quality systems."