Sealite launches Aviation lighting division

Sealite has launched an Aviation Lighting Division to supply LED-based airfield and obstruction lighting requirements.

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Sealite, based in Somerville, Victoria, Australia, was founded in the marine sector, providing award-winning navigation solutions to withstand tough marine environments. The adoption of LED technology allowed Sealite to create a range of products that consume extremely low levels of power, making them ideal for solar energy sources as well as being almost maintenance-free.

The Sealite Aviation range of patented LED navigation aids now represent the latest advancements in low-maintenance aviation lighting to meet a wide range of requirements. The product range encompasses independent solar-powered hazard, airfield and obstruction lights designed to offer years of zero-maintenance service, as well as LED obstruction lights with 12, 24, 48, 110 and 240 V inputs.

The Sealite LED Reflector (US patent number 6,667,582) was developed to capture "lost light" and create an even 360-degree horizontal beam of LED light. Additional patent applications have been lodged on this invention in many parts of the world.

Sealite's optical design team uses the latest in optical-grade polycarbonate and moulding techniques to develop a range of sophisticated lens designs for diverse customer needs. More than 10 designs are available and include wide angle divergence, positive divergence and negative divergence; high-dome obstruction lenses to inhibit particle build-up in desert regions; large single and triple tiers focal-point lenses for long-range lanterns; and the SL70 Solar Collection lens for dual internal solar modules.

Sealite hazard beacons include a series of solar-powered LED beacons capable of years of zero-maintenance service. Sealite airfield lights include taxiway edge lighting, barricade lighting, obstruction lighting, apron edge and helipad edge lighting. The lights provide enormous cost & reliability advantages over traditional lighting, and require no wiring or bulb replacement.

Sealite obstruction lights include compact models used extensively to mark towers throughout Asia, in addition to a series of self-contained Low Intensity Obstruction Lights designed to meet ICAO requirements for towers up to 105 meters.

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