TIR Systems and Canlyte sign partnership agreement to develop solid-state lighting

Sept. 16, 2004
Solid-state lighting specialist TIR Systems has signed a development agreement with Canlyte, a division of one of the largest lighting manufacturers in North America.
TIR Systems has signed a development agreement that should help to accelerate the adoption of solid-state lighting into the mainstream lighting market. The Vancouver, Canada company has agreed to jointly develop SSL products with Canlyte, the Canadian division of the Genlyte Group (GG), one of the largest companies exclusively dedicated to lighting in North America.

The companies will jointly develop SSL products that take advantage of TIR's enabling technologies and GG's extensive design, manufacturing and distribution capability. The agreement gives Canlyte access to TIR's leading SSL technology, while allowing TIR to retain all of its intellectual property rights.

The products developed will contain TIR-branded SSL components using LEDs as the light source, and will be marketed in the North American markets under the Lightolier brand name and other Canlyte/Genlyte brands.

The new products will be launched in markets where they will not compete with TIR's existing solid-state lighting product portfolio. Also, the agreement does not exclude either company from working with others in the industry to promote the adoption of SSL.

"Solid-state lighting is positioned to become a dominant technology in lighting," said René Marineau, President of Canlyte. "This agreement will benefit both companies by providing Canlyte/GG with access to the best technology available in the market and TIR with a partner that has the size and strength to deliver products into the mainstream.

"TIR is an acknowledged leader in SSL technology and by having the SSL components branded with TIR, combined with the Canlyte brands, the products we jointly develop will have instant credibility in the marketplace."

TIR's President & CEO, Leonard Hordyk said: "Our long term goal is to ensure that the enormous potential of solid-state lighting is realized by working openly with partners who share our vision. TIR is very pleased that a company with the solid reputation and extensive market presence that the Canlyte/GG recognizes TIR's leadership in SSL and is committed to opening markets for the technology where we do not currently have a presence."