Underwater Kinetics' LED lights help divers to spot marine life

Sept. 14, 2004
Underwater Kinetics (UK) has announced the UK eLED Dive Pak, a collection of LED dive lights for divers demanding the latest technology and highest performance from their dive equipment.

UK's eLED Dive Pak lights provide high-intensity illumination with extremely long lifetime. The products are also very rugged and allow the batteries to last 3-4 times longer, providing long-term cost savings that cancel out the high initial price of the LED lights.

Divers can now use the high-powered eLED dive lights to view the incredible diversity of marine life that normally may be missed in reefs, rock structures or hidden under dark ledges. Light from the eLED provides a bluish-white light similar in color to sunlight providing a narrow penetrating beam that travels farther underwater than conventional dive lights.

Rather than producing a bright center spot that fades quickly to dark, the eLED projects a soft-edged disk of even white illumination. The lights can be submersed up to 500 feet and have a non-conductive, non-corroding ABS/polycarbonate case.

The bluish white light from the eLEDs is very close in color temperature to popular high intensity discharge (HID) lights, but at a much lower price. The LED lights don't offer as much power as xenon or tungsten lamps, but instead provide much longer lifetimes and the benefit of not having to replace the lamp.

"Many dive professionals and enthusiasts prefer the color temperature and long burn time of the LED lights," said Alan Uke, president of UK. "As LED lights become more mainstream, UK is pioneering the way with new LED solutions such as being the first to combine 6 watts into one lamp to provide a clean, narrow beam."

The eLED Dive Pak, which retails for $160, includes the following lights:

* Sunlight C4 eLED Dive Light, the most indestructible source of illumination for diving available today. Its high-efficiency, non-breakable 6-watt white eLED dive light is powered by 4 alkaline, Nicad, or NiMH C-cells bringing a new level of reliability and minimal size to traveling divers.

* Mini Q40 eLED Dive Light, a 1-watt eLED mini dive light that attaches to a dive mask strap for hands-free illumination while looking at gauges, exploring under a ledge or focusing a camera.

* UKE 2AAA eLED Mini Pocket Light includes a key ring or nylon clip to attach to clothing or hats for hands-free lighting while doing repairs, maintenance, or walking on the deck.

* UK 2AAA Penlight, ideal for in or out of water whether looking in gear bags, repairing equipment, viewing gauges or examining marine life.