Labsphere celebrates 25 years of light measurement leadership

Nov. 1, 2004
A press release from Labsphere Inc.

This quarter marks Labsphere's 25th year of supplying light measurement systems and components.

Starting in 1979 with integrating spheres and quickly moving to full scale light measurement and calibration systems, Labsphere has supplied mission critical systems to every modern national space agency, most national measurement institutes and many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in optical fields.

Continued innovation in modular sphere design, application-specific solutions for solid-state light measurement and an increasing range of OEM partners in medical, semiconductor and laser fields marks Labsphere's continued growth as the leader in light measurement solutions.

About Labsphere
With 25 years experience, Labsphere, Inc. is the world leader in light measurement, producing best-in-class calibration systems and components.

Products include uniform light sources to calibrate imaging devices and camera systems in the visible and IR; light measurement systems for lasers, LEDs, and traditional light sources; and reflectance standards for calibrating spectroscopic measurement systems.

Labsphere also provides systems and components to OEMs in numerous industries, including spectroscopy, laser diode test and measurement, semiconductor, and medical.

Ken Johnson, VP Sales and Marketing
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