Frequently Asked Questions

March 18, 2004
What's the purpose of your publication? To inform readers about recent trends and developments relating to LEDs; to raise the profile of the LED community in different end-use industries, especially lighting; to support the adoption of LED technology in new applications.

How can I get a copy of your magazine?
We haven't published a print magazine yet: this is a possibility for the future. Our publication consists of a website and a weekly E-mail Update.

Are there any fees to access your website or receive the E-mail Update?
No, there are no fees for readers/subscribers.

How do I get your Email Update?
Register by clicking on the E-MAIL UPDATE button at the top of this page

Who reads your website?
Articles are written for people working at different levels of the LED industry, from designers and specifiers in different end-use applications, to system integrators, to LED and component suppliers.

What types of articles do you have?
The focus is on feature articles looking at technology trends and the issues involved in implementing LEDs in various applications. We also have sections for industry news and product information.

Are you linked to an industry supplier?
No, we are an independent publication. LEDs Magazine is published by Cabot Media Limited, an editorial content provider, and Institute of Physics Publishing Ltd (, an international scientific publishing company.

Can I send press releases?
Yes, please send us any business and technical news relevant to the LED industry. Product press releases can be posted directly onto our site.

What about ideas for articles?
We welcome any suggestions for technical articles, case studies of real-world applications, background articles, reviews, conference reports etc.

Can my company have an entry in your Buyer's Guide?
Yes, there is no charge for a basic entry in the Buyer's Guide.

Are there advertising opportunities?
Yes. Please ask for further details.

Who produces LEDs Magazine?
LEDs Magazine has an experienced editorial team with a long history of writing about LEDs and solid-state lighting.

How do I get further information?
Please contact the Editor, Tim Whitaker
Telephone: +44 (0)117 930 1233