P2 tool compares energy-efficient lighting technologies

July 19, 2012
A new infographic tool from Precision-Paragon can be used to compare lighting technologies including HID, fluorescent, induction and LED.
Precision-Paragon (P2), a manufacturer of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures based in Yorba Linda, CA, has introduced a new tool that allows users to compare the cost of purchasing and installing different types of energy-efficient lighting. The tool can be downloaded from the company’s website here.
P2 has described the infographic as a tool that can be used to compare technologies from a 10,000-foot view. P2 manufactures energy-efficient fixtures used in retail, commercial and industrial environments.

Earlier this year, P2 estimated that its products shipped in 2011 will save US facilities over $68-million a year through estimated energy savings of over 681-million kWh. This is approximately the energy required to power more than 24,000 US homes for a year.