United States GSA selects Daintree Networks to participate in Green Proving Ground Program

Oct. 17, 2012
The United States General Services Administration has selected Daintree Networks' ControlScope solution as part of their Green Proving Ground Program to reduce lighting costs.

Daintree Networks, a provider of wireless control solutions for smart buildings, has been selected to participate in two trial projects for the United States General Services Administration (GSA) 2012 Green Proving Ground (GPG) Program. For these projects, Daintree's ControlScope solution will be used to reduce the amount of energy used by lighting systems.

In the ControlScope solution, an intelligent wireless mesh network takes the place of physical control panels and dedicated control wiring. Daintree's Wireless Area Controller manages both the network and the controls intelligence for a floor or wing of a building. Sensors, wall switches, ballasts, LED drivers and fixtures all communicate with the controller and each other wirelessly, either through an external adapter or through standard wireless communications capabilities built directly inside the device. ControlScope systems can work with both fluorescent and LED lighting products.

The use of ControlScope allows for responsive lighting, which can accounts for scheduling occupancy, daylighting, task tuning, lumen maintenance and load shedding. The system also delivers information about usage, helping offices manage their energy by providing actionable data.

The GSA was tasked with a 30% metered energy reduction by 2015, and is investigating and implementing many energy saving projects. Since lighting is the largest electrical load for the GSA portfolio, accounting for 30% of the total energy consumed by GSA office buildings, it is aggressively testing energy-saving solutions such as ControlScope.

In one GSA study on occupant responsive lighting, energy savings from responsive lighting systems ranged from 27% to 63%.

For the trials, Daintree's ControlScope solution will be used in two GPG office buildings in California. In a Sacramento trial, ControlScope will be used to control existing fluorescent lighting, while in the San Francisco trial, ControlScope will be used ito control new LED fixtures from another participating 2012 GPG vendor. A baseline will be established, and metered energy usage will be monitored by the United States Department of Energy (DOE). Results from the trials are expected to be published in early 2014.

Daintree's CEO, Danny Yu, said, "We look forward to working with the GSA in this important effort. We're pleased to be in a position to help the government save energy, and based on our experience in recent, similar implementations, we're confident that we can help GPG achieve dramatic energy efficiency improvements."