Philips and Jones Lang LaSalle partner globally in corporate lighting

Oct. 2, 2012
Commercial property management specialist Jones Lang LaSalle has entered a partnership agreement with Royal Philips Electronics to deliver energy-efficient lighting.

In a deal struck in Singapore, Royal Philips Electronic and Jones Lang LaSalle announced a global partnership focused on energy-efficient lighting and energy-management technologies. Commercial property-management firm Jones Lang LaSalle will supply Philips Lighting products to its clients.

The partners intend to begin the cooperative effort in Asia Pacific and ultimately expand the program to the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The effort will focus on energy-efficient indoor lighting including LED-based solid-state lighting (SSL).

The agreement also covers consultancy efforts by both companies focused on energy management and intelligent lighting installations that can extend the savings afforded by efficient sources. Networks and adaptive controls can push savings as high as 80% in some cases.

"In Asia Pacific alone, Jones Lang LaSalle manages more than 70 million light points for over 150 corporate clients. Given the global scale of the partnership, this has the potential to drive significant energy savings as approximately 40 percent of electricity consumption in buildings is related to lighting," said Michael Raphael, head of supply chain management and procurement for Jones Lang LaSalle. "The agreement can offer energy savings of up to $ 100 million a year for Jones Lang LaSalle clients in Asia Pacific, changing the way commercial and industrial interiors are illuminated."

"Our partnership with Jones Lang LaSalle and our extensive portfolio in lighting solutions will allow us to help drive the adoption of energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solutions on a large scale in the commercial real estate space," said Harjit Gill, CEO for Philips in ASEAN & Pacific. "This partnership will further demonstrate our capabilities to manage global lighting consultancy services to maximize value for our customers."

The agreement follows on the heels of a major outdoor architectural lighting project in Miami, FL that involved both Philips Color Kinetics and Jones Lang LaSalle. We covered that story in our sister LEDs Magazine publication as the Miami Tower commercial building was relit with RGB luminaires.