Digital Lumens adds energy analysis service for intelligent luminaires

Oct. 31, 2012
Digital Lumens has offered networked intelligent luminaires and now offers its customers a remote service monitoring the performance of those products to help the customers maximize energy savings.

The LightRules Monitor remote service offering from Digital Lumens is intended to help buyers of the company's networked lighting systems take full advantage of their investment in intelligent lighting. The new service works with installations that use the LightRules 2.0 commissioning and lighting management software, and allows Digital Lumens to remotely monitor the performance of an installed system and provide customers with feedback on maximizing savings.

Digital Lumens sells its Intelligent LED Lighting System into applications such as warehouses and cold storage, and the system includes luminaires connected via a wireless mesh network and managed by the LightRules software. The company has documented energy savings as high as 90% in warehouse applications where lights can be off much of the time due to sporadic activity in the aisles.

Having installed systems across a broad array of applications at this point, however, Digital Lumens has compiled best-practice data that can be beneficial to all customers. President and CEO Tom Pincince said, "LightRules Monitor is the logical extension of our solution architecture and leverages our growing knowledge base from over 200 large scale deployments."

The remote monitoring service can monitor occupancy patterns and energy consumption, and make reports to customers on a monthly basis. Moreover a comparison of the metrics from a specific installation with best-practice data can identify opportunities for additional savings.

While the intent of the new service is saving customers money, it's fairly apparent that Digital Lumens also sees the service as a revenue opportunity. The company said that the service will be free for a year after the installation of a new Digital Lumens systems. It hasn't said what it will charge thereafter.

But statements by executives make it clear that they expect revenue from the service. "An intelligent lighting system unlocks new levels of efficiency and flexibility, as well as entirely new business models," said Pincince. "Our industry is changing rapidly, and LightRules Monitor is the first in a series of Digital Lumens services that expand and improve the delivery, management, and performance of lighting."