Solatube International introduces Smart LED System with daylighting

Dec. 11, 2012
Solatube International, a manufacturer of tubular daylighting devices, has introduced the Solatube Smart LED System, a system that uses adaptive controls to switch between daylighting and LED lighting.

Solatube International introduces the Solatube Smart LED System, a daylighting system that also uses efficient LED lighting when daylight alone will not provide sufficient lighting. The system features a dome that gathers daylight, reflecting it into the house through a diffuser. When the daylight is insufficient to provide proper lighting, LEDs that sit above the diffuser activate, lighting the area.

The system uses a patented Daylight Sensor to activate the LEDs, having them turn on as light levels dim. To save on energy costs, an occupancy sensor can also be used, triggering the LED lights only when a room that requires additional light is occupied.

“We developed the Solatube Smart LED System in response to our customers’ desire for technology that would provide optimal lighting energy savings,” said Robert Westfall, president of Solatube International. “It’s an intelligent fusion of daylighting and LED lighting that senses when one or the other should be employed – without a person having to flip a light switch.”

The system is designed for residential use, and features decorative fixtures that include a range of shapes, sizes, and light colors. The fixtures can also use several different effect lenses, from a clear effect lens to a warm softening effect lens. In addition to different effects, a Daylight Dimmer can be used to adjust light levels using a wall switch.

Daylighting, when combined with LEDs, reduces energy costs of residences by running on daylight whenever possible, and switching to energy efficient LED lighting when light begins to dim. The use of LED bulbs, which have an expected lifespan of 20 years, cut replacement and maintenance costs. The system can provide up to 94% savings on lighting energy use.

The products feature a 10-year warranty that covers many system components. A 3-year product warranty covers the LEDs, Daylight Sensor, Smart LED Driver, and the optional occupancy sensor.