Indoor Lighting: PolyBrite LEDs light governor's mansion; Elektralite modernizes church lighting

June 4, 2012
Illinois Executive Mansion gets an SSL update from PolyBrite International, while DMX-based LED fixtures now illuminate Detroit's Assumption Grotto Catholic Church.
PolyBrite LED T8s light office

What started as a sound-system upgrade in the Assumption Grotto Catholic Church located in Detroit, Michigan turned into a solid-state lighting (SSL) upgrade with installation of 14 Elektralite 1018 LED fixtures. In Springfield, Illinois, PolyBrite International supplied LED-based T8 tubes and B10 candelabra bulbs in an energy-saving retrofit of the Governor's mansion.

Illinois Executive Mansion

After the SSL upgrade is complete, 95% of the Executive Mansion's indoor light fixtures will use LED sources, according to PolyBrite. The state is projecting that the SSL will last ten years and yield 80% energy savings.

LED candelabras in chandelier

"The role of energy efficiency in reducing our state’s fiscal burden cannot be underestimated, and we can help accomplish this with clean and better quality lighting," said Carl Scianna, president and CEO of PolyBrite. "Moreover, as an Illinois company, we are proud to be contributing to the creation of green jobs in our state."

The project includes installing the candelabra lamps in the many chandeliers located throughout the mansion. LED T8 tubes are replacing fluorescent lamps in all office and work areas, as well.

Despite many reports of insufficient light output from LED T8 tubes, we are seeing an increase in deployment of the technology. Recent examples include installations in an Air New Zealand facility, and a San Diego, California restaurant.

Detroit church SSL

Elektralite 1018 fixture light grotto

In the church SSL installation, the evaluation of the old sound system resulted in the realization that the mixture of incandescent, HID, and quartz light sources was dated and produced a significant mismatch in terms of color temperature. The DCA Group of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania undertook an overhaul of both the sound and lighting systems.

The lighting upgrade was complicated by regular church activities, block-wall construction of the nearly-100-year-old structure, and the fact that the lighting was to be mounted at a 40-ft height. The need for long life and limited maintenance led to the choice of LEDs. The Elektralite fixtures are rated for 50,000 hours of life.

Purple highlights for an evening service

The Elekralite 1018 fixtures can produce white and colored light. DCA specified a wireless transmitter to distribute the DMX controls, eliminating what could have been a problematic wiring scenario, given the block walls.

"These great compact fixtures, which utilize 10-watt quad LEDs not, single source multicolor LEDs, means not only do they cover the color spectrum, but they also have none of the normal LED drawbacks of color striation and very bad shadowing," said Dan Chujko, vice president of the DCA Group. "The 1018s include many features and are adaptable to fit almost any professional/commercial use."