Connected Lighting Alliance promotes open-standard wireless systems

Sept. 4, 2012
A new global alliance, founded by major lighting companies, aims to promote and stimulate the development of interoperable wireless lighting systems.
An alliance of six global lighting companies has been formed with the aim of promoting and stimulating the development of open-standard wireless lighting systems with maximum interoperability.

The founding members of the Connected Lighting Alliance are:

• GE Lighting
• Lutron
• Osram
• Panasonic
• Philips
• Toshiba

The Connected Lighting Alliance will focus initially on consumer lighting applications. At present, says the alliance, consumers are confused and frustrated by the diversity of non-interchangeable wireless communication solutions on the market.

Wireless technologies are seen as the simplest and most convenient method of providing lighting control, which in turn offers numerous benefits for the user, such as dimming, mood control and energy savings.

However, consumers are generally unfamiliar with wireless lighting control technologies, and the lighting industry needs a unified approach. Otherwise, there is the risk of incompatible products, market confusion, slower market adoption and limited potential for energy savings.

By engaging with open standards bodies and regulators, and by encouraging the development of a robust wireless lighting control eco-system (e.g. component and solution providers), the Connected Lighting Alliance aims to make wireless lighting products and solutions interoperable and easy to operate.


The Connected Lighting Alliance lists a number of activities that it plans to carry out:

  • Promoting the growth of wireless connected lighting solutions by providing marketing tools, such as publications, and demonstrators for the education of both consumers and industry partners, or providing grants to organizations for promoting open standards supported by the Connected Lighting Alliance;
  • Providing a forum where interested parties may meet to discuss technology issues and interoperability requirements related to connected lighting;
  • Supporting and interacting with open standards bodies in their development of standards that enable connected lighting;
  • Promoting the growth and development of the industry by supporting the voluntary creation and implementation of industry-standard compliance tests which assure the interoperability of connected lighting products.
As an open association, the alliance’s founders say they welcome input from all interested parties.