Acuity Brands VTLED Relight assembly kits simplify fluorescent change-out

Sept. 18, 2012
VTLEDs kits for 2x2-ft or 2x4-ft troffers can be assembled below the ceiling plane for simpler installation and reduced disposal cost.
Lithonia Lighting VTLED Relight assembly kits from Acuity Brands are available in 2x4-ft and 2x2-ft configurations and have been designed to significantly reduce disposal cost relative to complete fixture replacement. The kits’ advanced LED light engine and driver also end up consuming less energy than the fluorescent lamps they replace (Fig. 1). To maintain constant lumen maintenance over the LED fixture’s lifetime, input wattage starts at 38W and gradually increases to 47W at 50,000 hours.
Energy savings with VTLED Relight kit VTLED Relight kits also feature complete assembly below the ceiling plane. Universal end brackets and a one-piece plug-in light engine make the VTLED kits simple and quick to install (Fig. 2).

In addition to reducing installation time and cost, the amount of waste associated with an office renovation can be reduced dramatically, as Kurt Vogel, director of product development explained at the recent LED Show. According to Vogel, installation can be performed in as little as 10 minutes per fixture. He said that much of the waste inside the fixture does not need to be removed.

2x2-ft troffer Dave Ranieri, vice president and general manager of indoor lighting at Lithonia has stated “the enhanced lighting experience from the VTLED Relight kits gives the appearance of a complete lighting redesign while using far less material and labor costs as compared with installing new fixtures.”

The quality of the light delivered is also improved, especially lighting uniformity. The LED kits allow the elimination shadows and cave effects often seen with fluorescent lighting. The kit’s reflectors reduce the luminous contrast between the fixture and ceiling while optical films provide even illumination across the diffuser.