Electronic Theater Controls has supplied lighting and power control for Oslo Konserthus

Nov. 14, 2012
The Oslo concert hall in Vika, Norway, has had 114 Electronic Theater Controls Selador Desire D40 Lustr+ LED fixtures installed in the auditorium ceiling and choir area.

The lighting and power control system for the Oslo Concert Hall in Norway has been replaced by a system consisting of 114 Electronic Theater Controls (ETC) Selador Desire D40 Lustr+ LED fixtures, with 100 in the auditorium ceiling and 14 in the choir area along with an ETC Unison Paradigm system for control. The suppliers for this were Eletrik Solutions of Norway and AF Lighting.

The concert hall originally considered white LEDs, but ultimately settled on ETC Selador LEDs, which come in seven different colors.

Project manager for Elektrik, Benjamin Reinhoff, said, "the Concert Hall's staff had been looking at changing their lighting for some time now but hadn't found anything quite right. They wanted something with the right light quality and a smooth dimming curve."

The Desire D40 luminaire combines 40 Luxeon Rebel emitters onto one unit, for bright, efficient lighting. The PAR-shaped washlight is a multipurpose tool that can be combined into a rig with conventional fixtures or used by itself. The user-interface on the rear of the unit allows the fixture to be managed by any RDM-enabled controller or on its own.

The ETC Unison Paradigm system allows each fixture to be pixel mapped, so the house lights can become part of the stage lighting.Paradigm is designed to make lighting easy to operate by a wide range of different people, from lighting technicians to front-of-house staff and maintenance personnel.

The Paradigm system offers push button panels or an LCD screen, offering each type of user the lighting they need without requiring a lighting operator. In addition to providing lighting control at the touch of a button,Paradigm can run automatic events for both performance and everyday functions.