Schréder LED fixtures highlight splendor of Grand Place in Brussels

Nov. 14, 2012
An LED lighting scheme will enable visitors to enjoy the stunning architecture of the Grand Place in the center of Brussels.
The Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium, is a UNESCO world heritage site and is renowned for its architectural wealth. Visitors will soon be able to enjoy the remarkable buildings after dark, due to a new LED lighting scheme with fixtures from Schréder.
Created by the lighting designers Isabelle Corten, Louis Dandrel and Patrick Rimoux, and implemented by Fabricom, the lighting scheme will be brought to life by 1600 BaroLED floodlights managed by a central control system.

Back in 2007, the city of Brussels launched a project to enhance the Grand Place. The city had multiple objectives with its lighting plan, which included highlighting the splendid architecture; creating a convivial ambiance; reinforcing the national and international identity of Belgium’s capital city; and reducing the energy consumption.

The new lighting scheme, which only uses LEDs, provides a gentle white light to create homogenous illumination that accentuates the architecture of the buildings. The fixtures are located so that they cannot be viewed by visitors.

At other times, a dynamic RGB lighting program will enable the city to create unlimited lighting effects for different events thanks to a central control system that can adapt the intensity and color of each floodlight independently. This unique solution provided by Schréder means that no additional equipment or control units will be required during the events.

As one of the main objectives was to drastically reduce the energy consumption, Schréder proposed a solution that will generate an energy saving of 30%, rising as high as 50% if the floodlights are dimmed. The new installation will reduce maintenance costs by a factor of four, which is undoubtedly a favorable advantage for buildings with difficult access.

The first phase of the project was inaugurated in early October 2012 when the City Hall (pictured) was illuminated. Laurette Onkelix, the president of Beliris (a collaboration between the Federal government and the region of Brussels-Capital), and the mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans, switched on the illumination which highlighted the tower of the City Hall to create a fairy-tale ambiance which emphasised every detail of the Gothic architecture of the edifice.

The illumination of the other facades, the sound system and central control system are currently being installed to finish the project in June 2013. The next phase to be launched in the heart of winter will involve a sound and light spectacular between the facades of the City Hall, the King’s House and the Christmas tree.