Belz Enterprises selects Green Ballast fluorescent fixtures for use in parking garage

Nov. 26, 2012
Green Ballast fluorescent light ballasts will be used to save energy in a Memphis, Tennessee parking garage.

Green Ballast (OTCBB: GBLL), an energy solutions company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, is installing vapor tight fluorescent fixtures with Green Ballasts fluorescent light ballasts in a parking garage in Memphis. The choice was made by Belz Enterprises, a US real estate developer.

J. Kevin Adams, chief executive officer of Green Ballast, said, "Parking garage lights are on 24/7 and electricity is an even greater component of the owner or operator's costs. The attractive return on investment in our efficient ballast makes the decision logical and smart from a financial and operational perspective."

GBLL's ballast is a direct replacement for the existing standard ballast. It implements an adjustable ballast with a daylight harvesting dimming control. The system detects daylight and adjusts its own light output to provide proper lighting while reducing power consumption. The controls are automatic and are designed to operate without distracting room occupants. It is a "plug and play" solution and has controls within each ballast, providing easy installation and ongoing maintenance.

The new fixtures are expected to reduce electric lighting usage in the facility by up to 72% per year, with Belz receiving a payback on its investment in less than three months for the fixtures, which have a ten year life expectancy.