Terralux linear LED module targets new luminaire designs and retrofits

Jan. 11, 2012
A new linear LED module family from Terralux includes 4-, 6-, and 8-inch models and targets both new SSL luminaire designs as well as retrofits of existing fixtures such as wall sconces and ceiling fixtures.

Terralux's new Line Voltage Linear LED Engine is a modular product around which luminaire makers can develop new fixtures such as wall sconces, ceiling fixtures, outdoor wall packs, and recessed-lighting products. Available in 4-, 6-, and 8-in versions, the solid-state lighting (SSL) modules are also available as retrofit kits that can be used to replace conventional light sources in installed fixtures.

Terralux linear LED module

Exact lumen output is dependent on CCT, but generally the modules in the three-length options deliver 400-430 lm, 600-700 lm, and 725-850 lm. Efficacy is in excess of 50 lm/W for all models with the 8-inch models topping out at 55 lm/W.

The AC-powered modules come in versions that operate from 120V input and support triac dimming, and in versions that operate from 100-277V input with 0-10V dimming. In Zhaga Consortium parlance, the modules would be described as LED light engines with integrated control gear. But the modules are not compatible with a Zhaga standard at this time.

Terralux offers the modules over a range of CCT options including 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K. The modules use phosphor-converted LEDs, and are specified for 60,000 hours of L70 life. The products are also IP-65 rated, allowing for outdoor usage.

Retrofitting legacy fixtures

The unique angle on the Terralux module family is the retrofit concept. Terralux says that it supplies mounting brackets and other supplies that allow an electrician to handle the upgrade in 5 minutes. Moreover, the retrofit kits are UL 1598C classified meaning that an ungraded fixture retains its UL listing.

There have certainly been specialty instances of retrofit kits before now. A number have been deployed in applications such as street-light upgrades. For example, Hubbell Outdoor Lighting announced a street-light retrofit kit recently.

There have also been instances of specialty retrofit kits for indoor lighting. For example, Cooper Lighting recently introduced a downlight retrofit kit that can be used to upgrade recessed fixtures from Cooper and other vendors. Terralux has a much broader target with its modules although buyers will have to carefully consider characteristics such as the light output beam-pattern required for the intended retrofit project.