Foresight T5 fixtures brighten Midori Market in Ontario

Aug. 15, 2012
The second Midori Market, located in Ontario’s Navan neighborhood, has been revived using 57 low-profile T5 high-output lamps that bring low-glare bright light to the 3800-ft2 store.
By June of 2012, Edward Sawaya, founder and co-owner of Midori Market, had largely renovated the commercial space at 3689 Navan Road in Navan, Ontario from the small, combined commercial and residential property that it was in 1957 when it was built to a modern, 38,000-ft2 grocery store that serves fresh produce and take-out food.

However, the relatively low ceilings (9-1/2 ft) and poor lighting needed an upgrade. "My goal was to create an open, bright and welcoming space. I wanted to flood the store with light and make the ceilings feel higher than they are," stated Sawaya. He worked with his Ottawa based distributor to select the lighting. "I wanted a slick-looking, modern fixture to compliment the up-beat style of the décor. When my distributor told me about the Foresight Lighting London Fixture, I checked it out on their website," said Sawaya, "It looked great and I couldn't believe it was less than 2-1/2 inches deep."

The London fixture from St-Laurent, Quebec-based Foresight Lighting, in a 2x2-ft configuration, contains four F24T5 high-output lamps and delivers up to 6600 lm. It offers good glare control using a deep parabolic louver.

Foresight representative Juergen Wiedermann provided a complete lighting study for Sawaya that helped him determine the optimal number of fixtures and placement of the fixtures in the store to achieve the best merchandising and overall affect. They ended up with 57 high-output fixtures.

"In the first week we were open, we had an amazing response and an overwhelming amount of business. Patrons actually stopped to comment on the lighting, they tell me it complements the space perfectly and they love how bright and open the store feels," said Sawaya.