Philips launches SlimStyle BR30 lamps with mid-power LEDs

May 28, 2014
Building on the popularity of the SlimStyle A-19 LED lamp, Philips Lighting has announced the SlimStyle BR30 for flood-lighting applications with a suggested retail price of $12.97.

Philips Lighting has announced the SlimStyle BR30 LED retrofit lamp that can deliver similar light output to a 65W incandescent bulb in flood-lighting applications. The new lamp uses Philips Lumileds mid-power LEDs to deliver 650 lm, and Philips has suggested a retail price of $12.97 for the lamp that certainly undercuts the current marketplace for such products.

Philips launched the A-19 SlimStyle omnidirectional lamp last December, also establishing an industry low price point at that time for a 60W-equivalent lamp. That product features a very visible design in which mid-power LEDs are placed around the outer circumference of a flat paddle-like structure. While the design looks quite a lot different from a conventional bulb, it delivers omnidirectional performance.

The challenge in a BR30 lamp is quite different in that the beam needs to be cast primarily in one direction. But Philips apparently has been able to use a similar light engine to the one developed for the A-19 lamp, albeit with LEDs mounted on only one side of the structure and radiating in a forward direction.

The resulting BR30 lamp looks more traditional from the front of the radiating surface. But as the nearby photo illustrates, the lamp does not rely on the traditional reflecting chamber. Indeed, the lamp neck is very narrow and there is no evident heat sink. As with the case of the A-19 lamp, the mid-power LEDs don’t produce excessive heat and the light engine design conducts away the heat that is generated without the need for a bulky and evident heat sink.

The new BR30 lamp consumes just 9.5W, and Philips said that the product will save consumers $152 in energy costs over the life time of the product. The product is rated for 25,000 hours of use and what Philips says is 25 times the lifespan of legacy BR30 lamps. Of course, the savings and impact of long life will depend on application. Many BR30 lamps are used in applications such as downlights where the lamps get usage that matches or exceeds that of the typical A-lamp. Conversely, some flood lights are only sporadically used and rarely need replacement.

In any case, the SlimStyle BR30 has truly come in at a price point that could change the market when Philips delivers the product in July. Cree, for example, launched an LED-based BR30 lamp mid-2013 with similar performance specifications. Retailer Home Depot is currently selling that product for $19.97.

"Over the last four years, Philips has led the charge in making LED bulbs more affordable for consumers, while ensuring that we continue to innovate with every new generation of offerings and the SlimStyle BR30 is no exception," said Bruno Biasiotta, CEO and president of Philips Lighting Americas. "We continue to demonstrate our commitment to giving consumers value-priced offerings, without compromising on the light quality or features they have come to expect. Moreover, we have one of the most robust rebate programs in the country and continue to work with utilities to ensure that we can further drive down the price and save consumers time and money."

Philips said that the new BR30 lamp is designed to be Energy Star compliant, although certification will come down the road. Energy Star certification is key to many rebate programs. The SlimStyle A19 lamp received Energy Star certification in April, about four months after introduction.