LuxLive: Ten must-see solid-state lighting products and compelling keynote program

Oct. 22, 2014
The LuxLive event scheduled for Nov. 19–20 in London will feature the latest in LED-based lamps and luminaires along with keynotes on topics such as human-centric lighting.

The LuxLive event scheduled for Nov. 19–20 in London will feature the latest in LED-based lamps and luminaires along with keynotes on topics such as human-centric lighting.

LuxLive 2014 conference and exhibition is right around the corner and here we will review the ten top LED-based lamps and luminaires that you might see at the event along with some of the planned keynote presentations. Indeed, keynote topics will range from human-centric lighting to a look at some compelling projects and a review of color science.

Lux Magazine publisher Ray Molony has identified the top ten solid-state lighting (SSL) products that you should not miss on the exhibition floor. Moreover, he calls the CoeLux artificial skylight "the most impressive luminaire I've seen in 25 years in the lighting industry."

The top ten in no particular order are:

  • Artificial daylight-generating skylight from CoeLux, IdeaWorks: Stand D54
  • Indoor location tracking: eldoLED: Stand C21
  • Luminous paving: Tech Theatre presentation
  • Blade lights: iGuzzini: Stand F24
  • Li-Fi – data over lighting: Lucibel: Stand F43
  • Flexible light tiles: Design LED: Stand H43
  • Human-centric lighting: PhotonStar LED: Stand F42
  • Intelligent dimmers: Hamilton Litestat: Stand B42
  • Ultra high-performance lamps: Soraa: Stand H41
  • Transparent office luminaires: Trilux: Stand C43

The CoeLux skylight pictured nearby is certainly an ingenious product. The design can mimic the actual natural light provided by the sun in different locales from around the globe. The product doesn't just replicate the sun's path and CCT, but also the impact of the atmosphere and angle of light that ultimately dictates the natural light that we experience. The product is said to use nanotechnology to create both the varying CCT and light levels and the perceived depth of the artificial sun experience in the skylight. Watch the video below for more information about the skylight, and keep reading for more LuxLive highlights.

Keynote presentations

Headlining the keynote presentations will be the talk entitled "Is light a drug?" That's certainly a hot topic right now as lighting specifiers look to leverage human-centric lighting to boost productivity and enhance human wellbeing. Indeed, we have a recent in-depth interview on the topic. At LuxLive, Professor Herbert Plischke of the University of Munich will discuss the topic.

Color science issues also remain top of mind in the lighting world as specifiers/designers strive to ensure that people see objects in the best and most accurate light. Anya Hurlbert and Bradley Pearce of Newcastle University will unveil the results of a ground-breaking interactive experiment at the National Gallery in London to explore color perception under LED lighting.

Other keynote presentations will include Ralph Weir of Cambridge Nanotherm discussing ceramic coatings that can provide superior thermal substrates for LEDs. (Look for a viewpoint piece from Weir in our November/December issue of LEDs Magazine.) And the Cambridge City Council will reveal their experience working with luminous paving.

LuxLive will take place at the London ExCel venue. Moreover, the Lux Awards 2014 will take place at The Troxy in East London. Revo Media, the producer of Lux Magazine and LuxLive, recently became a partner to the PennWell Corp LED and Lighting properties as PennWell acquired a 51% stake in Revo Media.

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