The Lighting Quotient launches workstation LED fixtures with controls

June 11, 2014
Designed to deliver both direct-task and indirect-ambient lighting in an office workspace, the Tambient SSL product family offers supports for network controls and local sensors.

The Lighting Quotient has announced the Tambient L805 LED luminaire family designed for attachment to typical computer monitor mounting arms and intended to provide all of the task and ambient lighting required in an individual workspace in an office. The solid-state lighting (SSL) product can work with local occupancy sensors and wireless control systems and is designed to meet the most stringent energy-efficiency regulations for commercial applications.

As the nearby photo illustrates, the L805 luminaire can mount in a variety of ways to computer monitor mounting systems that meet the standards set by VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association), and such hardware is broadly used in commercial offices. The Lighting Quotient believes that the L805 design can enable use in both private offices and in open office space, and eliminate the need for most overhead lighting. The fixture includes 21 mid-power LEDs focused downward to deliver task lighting and 42 LEDs that deliver upwards indirect ambient lighting.

The potential functionality of the L805 design, however, is dependent on the flexibility that The Lighting Quotient designed into the product in the form of controls. The fixture can be installed in what the company calls private office mode where the user has complete control of both the task and ambient lighting. A second open office mode affords the user control of the task lighting level, but enables autonomous or programmatic control of ambient light levels.

For autonomous occupancy sensing, The Lighting Quotient offers a sensor that can be installed locally to the luminaire and connected via an RJ11 or telephone-style cable. The sensor controls both light sources in private mode but only the task lighting in open mode.

For more complex controls, The Lighting Quotient offers more options including support for 0–10V controls than can be utilized along with an office-wide daylight-sensing system. For programmatic network-based controls, The Lighting Quotient offers a wireless gateway that can control as many as 12 L805 luminaires. The gateway also can connect to occupancy and daylight sensors and to switches, dimmers, and other control systems that are compatible with the wireless technology promulgated by the EnOcean Alliance. The EnOcean technology was used in a very high-profile project at Paramount Pictures in which the Lighting Research Center from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute was involved.

The Lighting Quotient said that the L805 design will meet all relevant energy-efficiency codes including California Title 24 that will take effect this summer and require integrated control support. "As we move towards new codes and regulations within the industry, it is important that as a company, we adapt to the ever-changing markets' needs," said Allison Shemitz Schieffelin, chairman and CEO of The Lighting Quotient. The company said that the L805 is the first task/ambient luminaire that can meet Title 24.

Other features of the luminaire include timers on both the task and ambient lighting that can be set to ensure the lights are extinguished. The design features a serviceable and replaceable light engine. Moreover, an indicator will signal the use when the light engine reaches end of life, although the product is projected for 50,000 hours of use. The luminaire features a 3500 CCT and a CRI of 85.