GE Lighting shrinks Evolve form for more diverse LED area lighting

Dec. 3, 2014
The Evolve N Series includes SSL area and flood lights along with wall packs to allow facilities to deploy outdoor lighting with a consistent look and light quality.

The Evolve N Series includes SSL area and flood lights along with wall packs to allow facilities to deploy outdoor lighting with a consistent look and light quality.

GE Lighting has announced the Evolve N Series of outdoor area lights, leveraging the LED-based technology first used in the company's street and roadway fixtures. The new series of solid-state lighting (SSL) products includes wall packs along with building- or ground-mounted flood lights and pole-mounted area lights.

GE said its intent with the new series was a combination of contemporary looks with optimum visibility and security for building owners. Indeed, the LED fixtures are designed to deliver light exactly where it is needed as opposed to typical HID fixtures that feature little if any beam control. GE also said the N Series design offers far superior vertical illumination to HID fixtures.

The new N Series outdoor lighting fixtures are both smaller and lighter than previous products in the Evolve family, offering more flexibility in installation and mounting options. Still, the products include the proven combination of LEDs, lenses, and reflectors that can deliver a variety of beam patterns. The series is designed to allow one-to-one replacement of HID fixtures, although in many installations lighting designers/specifiers may be able to reduce the number of luminaires deployed and even remove poles from a site relative to HID installations.

Unlike many outdoor lighting products that rely solely on LEDs and total internal reflection (TIR) lenses to control the beam, the Evolve family employs reflector elements. GE said the reflector-based design eliminates glare, and that is particularly important in outdoor area lighting where fixtures are typically mounted much lower than, say, street lights.

The N Series products are available in a choice of 4000K and 5000K CCTs, and over the range of 50-150W. The Evolve LED N Series Area Light products can be mounted on round and square poles. Optionally, you can specify dimming capabilities and occupancy sensing.

The N Series Flood Light products are designed for building facades, flag poles, billboard signage, and similar applications. The N Series Wall Pack products are designed to illuminate walkways and gathering areas. Dimming and sensing features are options with the outdoor lighting family.

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