Lam32 designs LED sources for architectural integration in building materials

March 13, 2014
LED-based lighting, that the company refers to as tool sets, can deliver both functional/directional light and dramatic effects when installed in architectural applications such as in indoor or outdoor walls.

Italian design firm Lam32 has announced a number of LED-based light sources that the company refers to as tools or tool sets, implying that the products are meant to be essentially a building material to be combined in walls or other structures. The newest Walk series is intended to provide a precise grazing light that implies direction. The prior Octagon series is intended more for dramatic impact.

Lam32 is offering the Walk series in round and square versions in two different power levels. The body of the product is anodized aluminum that will not corrode, and that is designed to withstand outdoor conditions or for use indoors. Optionally the company will offer the products in stainless steel. For outdoor usage, the product is IP67 listed and Lam32 supplies gaskets and a neoprene cable to connect to a constant-current driver.

Primarily the Walk products are meant to be recessed in walls. The products can produce directional indication and functional light.

The Octagon series, meanwhile, are as the name implies eight-sided and produce light in eight directions. The nearby photo depicts the products installed on an outdoor wall providing some level of functional light while delivering dramatic effect.

Lam32 will actually supply the Octagon products with one to eight light sources. So the product with one source could be used similarly to the Walk series. The company will also sell the products with different light output levels.

The Octagon products are meant to be surface mounted on walls. The packaging is anodized aluminum and is rated to IP65 for indoor and outdoor applications. The company said the inspiration is based on "signing and following the light."