Osram Sylvania publishes annual lighting socket survey

Feb. 27, 2013
The newly released 5th-annual Sylvania Socket Survey reveals an increased awareness of lighting-centric, energy-saving initiatives and a drop in the number of US residents with incandescent lighting in their homes.

Osram Sylvania has released the results from its 5th annual Sylvania Socket Survey that polls US consumers on their buying habits in light products and their awareness of energy-efficiency initiatives. The new results reveal that 68% of Americans have replaced lighting to achieve an increase in energy efficiency, and about 10% have installed LED-based lamps.

"Consumers are taking time to evaluate their lighting choices, which are now more abundant than ever, and accepting more energy-efficient options," said Rick Leaman, president and CEO of Osram Sylvania. "Our company remains dedicated to offering the very best in next-generation lighting choices because it is our responsibility to keep pace with the ever-changing world of technology to meet the various needs of our consumers."

According to the research, more than a third of Americans have evaluated lighting options in the past six months and 53% have taken that step in the past year. Moreover, 38% were aware of the US phase out of 100W incandescent bulbs, up from 29% in 2011 and 19% in 2010. However, almost half are unaware that lower-wattage lamps will be phased out over the next two years. In the 2012 research, 16% fewer respondents said they have an incandescent lamp in the home.

Perhaps of most interest, however, is the revelation that consumers are beginning to view lighting relative to the value of products and quality of the light. The study reported that 90% now consider energy efficiency, brightness, and longevity – along with price – when choosing lighting products. Moreover, 77% reported a belief that it is important to buy bulbs that are made in the US.

Still, a minority of consumers remain loyal to the incandescent lamps. Sylvania reports that 28% prefer incandescent bulbs. One might wonder, however, if those respondents have seen the latest LED lamps. The research also revealed that 16% will stockpile incandescent bulbs.

Sylvania conducted the survey via telephone over an eight-day period in November 2012. The results are based on more than 300 interviews. Sylvania has released the nearby info-graphic to illustrate some of the results. Click on the graphic to get a larger view, or go to the Osram Sylvania website linked at right for an even larger view.