Feelux introduces the LED Diva2 High Output luminaire

Feb. 13, 2013
Feelux has added to its collection of SSL products with the Diva2 High Output luminaire, an LED fixture that allows designers to cascade multiple fixtures to form long chains of light.

Feelux has released the Diva2 HO (High Output) linear LED luminaire. The solid-state lighting (SSL) fixture includes the ability to connect with other Diva2 HO luminaires, enabling users to create light chains of different lengths for greater flexibility. The Diva2 HO fixtures come in lengths from 6 in to 4 ft.

The Diva2 HO has an efficacy of 75 lm/W at 70% output, with a CRI of more than 80, and is available in color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 6500K. The luminaire has an operating temperature of 0-45°C. The fixture has a profile of 0.35” x 0.42”, and a lifespan of more than 40,000 hours. The light also features an optional round or square diffuser to deliver what Feelux calls a "spot free LED" appearance.

The Diva2 HO features an integral quick connection system that delivers seamless, dark spot free illumination and enables quick installation by simply snapping fixtures together to create the length desired. Up to 75W of luminaires can be attached in a single row with one power feed.

The luminaires require a 24-VDC input. A single driver can power 20 ft of installed fixture length . In order to power the lamps, a constant-current driver is required, which can be obtained from Feelux.

The luminaires feature CRI greater than 80. The luminaire supports 0-10V dimming and Feelux also offers an in-line dimmer control that can be installed into a chain of fixtures.

The luminaire comes with accessories such as a cabinet door sensing on/off switch, flexible connectors, and an inline controller. The fixture can be recessed or surface mounted on wood, glass, or metal, and comes with mounting brackets and internal magnetic strips that adhere to metal or glass.