Digital Lumens expands SSL offerings, offers first hazardous location fixtures

April 3, 2013
Digital Lumens has tripled the breadth of its family of intelligent LED-based lighting products with extensions to its Xpress and high-bay lines, new fixtures for retail applications, and a line for hazardous locations.

Digital Lumens has launched a broad expansion of its intelligent LED-based luminaire offering including the company's first products that target hazardous locations and also an initial offering specifically for retail applications. The company also expanded its main line of energy-efficient, high-bay solid-state lighting (SSL) products for warehouse and industrial applications, and the Xpress family that offers simplified control scenarios.

Among the new products are nine high-bay LED lighting fixtures for hazardous locations (pictured). The portfolio ranges in light output from 13,000 to 26,000 lm, and the company offers a choice of optics. The products can be deployed in settings where Class I Div 2, Class II Div 2, and Class III safety certifications are required.

The product launch also includes nine fixtures designed for high-bay lighting in retail applications such as warehouse and big-box stores. The retail-centric products feature a CCT of 4000K that is more amenable to shopping than the 5000K CCT used in the majority of the company's products. Digital Lumens said that the retail-targeted fixtures would also feature improved color rendering but did not specify a CRI in the press announcement.

Adaptive control of lighting has been the focus of Digital Lumens since its inception with the company boldly claiming that it can reduce energy usage by 90% in applications such as warehouses where most of the lighting can be dimmed or turned off much of the time. Most of the company's products include wireless network capabilities and the fixtures are controlled via the LightRules web-based lighting management system.

The new hazardous-area and retail-targeted fixtures, along with the three new 5000K fixtures added to the industrial line, all include wireless network support. The three new industrial fixtures range from 13,000 lm to 26,000 lm and include new optics designed to reduce fixture count by 30% in warehouses with dense racking.

The two new 13K Express fixtures, as well as previously announced Xpress fixtures, don't include network connectivity. But the fixtures do support adaptive-control scenarios via occupancy sensors integrated into the fixtures. The new products include new optics packages not previously offered with the family.