Philips and Disney collaborate offering tunable LED lighting for kids

July 10, 2013
The Philips Disney portfolio will combine Philips color-tunable LED lighting technology first seen in the Hue lamps with Disney characters and offer interactive experiences and soothing environments for kids.

Philips Lighting launched the Hue lamp family with the promise that smart device apps would allow the company to extend the technology into many specific usages, and now a partnership will Disney will bring the technology to kids. The partners will offer tunable Disney-character-themed table lamps along with control apps that can enhance reading activities, provide soothing nigh-time environments, and gently wake kids from sleep, among many other potential uses.

The Philips Disney portfolio is due from both companies' existing retail channels starting in September for the US and Europe, and later in the year for Canada and Asia. Apparently, the products will use Hue-like lamps, although the partners did not detail the technology.

Clearly, a color-tunable LED lamp is at the base of the offering. But it could be a lamp that has been cost reduced relative to the standard Hue product to better match the price point associated with a child's space in a home. Moreover, the companies didn't mention the ZigBee bridge that is required for Hue lamps to function. The lamps could use a simpler interface such as Bluetooth that is built into many smart devices.

The companies identified a number of products in the portfolio, starting with the StoryLight and Mickey starter kit. The kit includes a table lamp with classic Mickey Mouse shape that houses what appears to be a Hue lamp. An app for an iPad or e-book reader will dynamically change the lighting as the child reads classic Disney stories.

"We are proud to work with Philips to help create positive and comforting reading and bedtime environments for families," said Simon Philips, executive vice president & general manager at Disney Consumer Products. "This product range is a perfect illustration of how Disney storytelling can extend into children’s bedrooms through an innovative and compelling consumer product offering."

The portfolio will also include bedside table lamps available in Mickey and Minnie Mouse versions that the companies call SleepTime. The lamps are designed to provide a soothing environment during bet time and also to gently awaken kids in the morning. There will also be LED Candles products that mimic a warm flickering candle and LivingColors products that produce a dynamic light show.

"With innovation and inspiration at its core, this collaboration fuses Disney’s unrivalled ability to create characters and stories that spark the imagination of children of all ages with our lighting innovation leadership," said Eric Rondolat CEO of Philips Lighting. "Together, we will deliver an exciting portfolio of advanced and interactive lighting solutions that the whole family can enjoy."