The LED Show 2013: Conference will chronicle the SSL revolution

July 11, 2013
The LED Show 2013 Conference & Exhibit will take place in Las Vegas at the Rio Hotel Convention Center, August 14-15, 2013, with a Pre-Conference Workshop on August 13th.

The solid-state lighting (SSL) industry is bursting with entrepreneurial spirit and momentum. Now, more than ever, LED manufacturers are able to offer customers complete LED-based systems for most any lighting application. But challenges remain in optimally applying LEDs to lighting, and The LED Show will offer a program that will help novices to experts chart the waters of the SSL revolution. Industry experts will cover topics ranging from developments at the LED level to financing and regulatory hurdles to where the SSL transition is headed moving forward.

Come discover how the LED industry is evolving and making history. This event was conceived out of necessity to provide specific information to a hungry design and specification community. To date, we have educated thousands of attendees and delegates with our cutting edge conferences and exhibition format. The August show will once again provide a platform for novices and experts alike to learn new techniques within the SSL arena. See the website ( for the latest Workshop, Speaker line-up, and Exhibitor list.

The 2013 conference program will mirror the evolution of the industry. Initially, the LED industry was concerned mainly with energy savings. Today, the business is quickly developing into one that is heavily focused on design, dimming, color, and controllability of LEDs. The controls and benefits of digital circuitry will take SSL to a new level. It is growing into a multifaceted technology that is branching off into many different sectors of the market place.

Global acceptance of LED lighting, in many instances, has surpassed legacy lighting technology. Increased efficacy, performance, availability, improved LED drivers, better color rendering, and clever use of diffuser technology now allow the specifier to consider LEDs as a suitable alternative to most conventional lighting options.

Due to rapid changes in SSL technology, there is a compelling need to unite as a lighting community. We need to share information, network, and explore techniques for better product design and creation. Our industry has worked extremely hard to remove the confusion and has even attempted to create a level playing field for all involved. If the consumer accepts LED lighting as the standard light source, we all win. Worldwide adoption is the ultimate goal for those with a significant stake in SSL technology.

Lighting is estimated to account for more than 25% of commercial and residential energy cost. Each year as LED technology advances, countries consume fewer terawatts of electricity per installation. This results in billions of dollars in savings worldwide and prevents unnecessary CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. Regardless of one's personal views on global warming, a unilateral reduction of CO2 emissions (and a higher consciousness of the environment or energy efficiency) will always be regarded as a positive step.

LED technology in office environments for example, has the potential to significantly reduce energy use and improve maintenance efficiency in the commercial sector on a massive scale. In the residential space, the tipping point will be the $5.00 LED A-lamp — a 75W equivalent with 90 CRI. At that stage, LED lighting will be a commodity product for mass consumption. Following this acceptance, the Bell Curve will allow statisticians to create incredible graphs showing amazing cross-points to financial benefits. Another benefit will be dropping energy usage 50% globally, a lofty but attainable goal.

Esteemed industry leaders at The LED Show will give their perspective on the state of SSL technology today and forecast changes for tomorrow. This year we are also offering a retrofit workshop. The retrofit market continues to grow as cost savings are a major concern for most businesses.

As there are still many issues that are unresolved regarding standards and LED vocabulary, it’s important that our industry meet regularly to discuss important topics. We invite lighting designers, architects, contractors, engineers, and specifiers to use this show as a forum to discuss pertinent topics with manufacturers.

The innovation and creativity at our show will be truly amazing. Newly developed, high-quality, performance-based products will be showcased. Manufacturers are excited to present new products they have added to their portfolio. Startup companies are eager to showcase their latest creative designs and products. The LED Show 2013 will be the key meeting place for industry decision makers.

With all the advances taking place unilaterally, this is a very good time to be in lighting. See you at the show!