Larson expands beyond specialty applications, broadens LED lighting line

Oct. 24, 2013
The company best known for MagnaLight flash lights has developed a broad line of LED-based lighting products and now has some mainstream products, including three recently-announced SSL streetlights.

Larson Electronics has been on a tear of late announcing a series of new LED-based lighting products including some specialty products but also mainstream streetlights. The company's solid-state lighting (SSL) portfolio now includes industrial lighting products, portable camouflaged lighting for hunters, and some general-purpose products.

Larson was early to adopt LED technology in MagnaLight flashlights, and has offered other specialty LED products for some time. Still, the recent spate of activity indicates that Larson intends to become a major player in LED lighting, leveraging the expertise gained in specialty applications.

Over the course of the past week, the company announced almost 20 new LED lighting products. The most recent are corrosion-resistant and explosion-proof fixtures that are designed for usage in hazardous locations. The HAL-CRNM-LED7W-C fixtures can be used in damp locations and in the presence of dangerous chemicals.

Still, it's the more mainstream SSL products that would be of broader interest to lighting designers and specifiers. The company just announced three new LED streetlight products.

The 200W RWL-LED-60 fixture is designed to cover areas similar to those where 400W high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights would be employed, delivering 19,500 lm with a rated life of 100,000 hours. "This 200W LED cobra head street light provides longer lamp life and higher durability when compared to traditional 400W high-pressure sodium lamps," said Robert Bresnahan of Larson Electronics.

The 300W WL-LED-80 fixture delivers 25,250 lm and can replace 600W HPS lights, according to Larson. At the lower-power end of the spectrum the company announced the 150W RWL-LED-40 that delivers 13,000 lm and is suited mainly for parking lots. Previously, the company had announced the 70W RWL-LED-30 fixture that delivers 7000 lm.

Several other recent products illustrate the company's broader application target base. For example, Larson announced the EPLC2-HB-150LED-RT high-bay fixture. The 150W luminaire delivers 12,000 lm and is offered in an explosion-proof version to serve a broad range of industrial applications.

Earlier in September, Larson even announced an LED retrofit lamp. The 17W LED17W-PAR38-WP is, as the name implies, a PAR38 LED lamp rated for 50,000 hours. Larson said that the lamp was designed to replace 150W incandescent bulbs.

The company has further targeted vehicular applications. The LEDP5W-18R Light Bar delivers 8000 lm from 90W of power. Designed to work from 12V or 24V DC supplies, the bar can be mounted on the top of vehicles. Apparently the common thread for the broad range of recently announced products is that they are all designed to withstand rugged environments, but the application target has widened considerable for the company.